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Assertive Yield is a technology company offering Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to assist SSPs (Supply-Side Platforms), ad networks, and publishers in optimizing their advertising revenue. The company focuses on real-time attribution and yield optimization strategies to maximize the benefits and efficiency of various digital advertising endeavors.

An essential component of the digital advertising ecosystem is the SSP - Supply-Side Platforms. These platforms enable digital media owners (like publishers) to manage their advertising space inventory, fill it with ads, and receive revenue. Ad networks act as intermediaries between advertisers who want to buy ad space and publishers who want to sell it. Assertive Yield helps these entities in two main ways: real-time attribution and yield optimization.

Real-time attribution is a data analytics process that assigns credit to the various steps or channels involved in a consumer's path to a desired action, like a click-through or a purchase. In digital advertising, understanding exactly how your ads are performing, and knowing which channels are most effective, is crucial to maximizing return on investment. Assertive Yield's technology can provide this information in real-time, allowing for active adjustments and improvements to the strategy.

Yield optimization, on the other hand, involves strategies intended to increase the revenue generated through digital advertisements. It considers multiple factors such as demand and supply, the pricing of ad space, target audience, device, location, and more. By analyzing all these elements, Assertive Yield's platform provides data-driven recommendations to enhance the yield from the available ad spaces and optimizes the income from each ad impression.

The Assertive Yield technology aims to drive significant advertising revenue for its clients by providing precise, real-time data analysis, and actionable insights alongside optimizing strategies to enhance returns. It's all about assisting digital ad entities to propel their performance while maximizing returns on their advertisements. Its tools offer certain advantages to customers such as more informed decision making, efficiency in ad space utilization and increased revenues.

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Maysville Opticians

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Using Assertive Yield for finding leads

This catalog of companies using Assertive Yield provides unparalleled insights into leading businesses that focus on enhancing their advertising revenue through sophisticated optimization strategies. By tapping into this list, sales teams can unlock a rich repository of potential leads with a clear investment in advanced digital technologies and revenue optimization.

Every company featured herein is a testament to the effectiveness and prowess of Assertive Yield. They have chosen to leverage this platform for its commitment to real-time attribution and yield optimization strategies, making these businesses forward-thinking and open to robust technological solutions. This openness tends to favor firms offering complementary or supplementary technology products and services, making them fertile ground for lead generation.

The diversity of the user base of Assertive Yield - from Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) and publishers to ad networks - aids in broadening the horizons for sales teams. This variety allows for an extensive range of opportunities, offering leads across different verticals with unique needs and budget allocations.

This listing not only offers a name or brand to reach out to, it subtly provides insights into the company's current technological predisposition, strategic alignment, and the willingness to optimize the ad revenue process. Such information is indispensable when tailoring a persuasive sales pitch, maximizing the chances of positive engagement and productive conversations.

In conclusion, this substantial list of companies employing Assertive Yield can act as a powerful tool for sales teams to find leads, offering a breadth of opportunities across various sectors, and a depth of insight into their digital technology preferences and revenue optimization approaches.

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