AntiBot.Cloud is a cloud-based service and PHP script that helps websites protect against unwanted traffic such as bots and spam. It provides website owners with a range of features including device fingerprinting, traffic analysis, and IP reputation analysis to identify and filter out malicious traffic. The service also includes a real-time dashboard for monitoring traffic and identifying potential threats. AntiBot.Cloud uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect and block bots and other malicious traffic. This helps to prevent click fraud, content scraping, and other forms of abuse that can negatively impact a website's performance and user experience. Additionally, the service provides regular updates to keep up with new threats and attacks. Website owners can integrate AntiBot.Cloud into their site using the PHP script provided or by using one of the available plugins for popular CMS platforms such as WordPress or Drupal. With AntiBot.Cloud, website owners can protect their site from unwanted traffic without having to spend time and resources on manual filtering or dealing with cybersecurity issues.

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58 Companies using AntiBot.Cloud


Uniquely women in manufac..

5$23K - $20K$55K united states ..1%
Four Sisters

Флористические услуги

13$30K - $21K$82K russian federa..100%
Cleobrothers & Co., LLC

5$14K - $5K$80K united states ..99%

A ponte entre o mercado f..

3$37K - $25K$89K brazil95%

4$17K - $7K$86K russian federa..56%

-$46K - $48K$71K france87%

Corujei - Compre com sabe..

1$17K - $38K$95K brazil45%
Bartelings ICT Service & ..

-$11K - $17K$50K netherlands55%
Консалтинговая компания "..

15$25K - $45K$76K russian federa..58%
Motion Recruitment

-$43K - $39K$63K poland90%
Let's PR

-$23K - $30K$52K russian federa..57%
Ulduz Taxi

Dəqiq, rahat, təhlükəsiz

3$24K - $37K$97K -30%

7$21K - $4K$60K -2%
Contract Marketing

Freelance copywriting and..

4$14K - $45K$95K -56%
Run of River Power Inc.

11$39K - $48K$61K -58%

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How to use AntiBot.Cloud

AntiBot.Cloud is a powerful cloud-based tool that can be used to protect your website from bots and junk traffic. It's a PHP script that you can integrate into your website easily by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for an AntiBot.Cloud account: You can sign up for an account at using your email address or Google account.

  2. Add your website: Once you have created an account, add your website to the AntiBot.Cloud dashboard. You will need to specify the domain name of your website and the type of CMS (Content Management System) you are using.

  3. Generate and download the PHP script: After adding your website, you'll be prompted to generate and download the AntiBot.Cloud PHP script. This script needs to be uploaded to your web server where your website is hosted.

  4. Integrate the PHP script into your website: To integrate the AntiBot.Cloud PHP script into your website, you need to include it in your website's code. The easiest way to do this is to include the script in your website's header or footer file.

  5. Configure your AntiBot.Cloud settings: After successfully integrating the PHP script into your website, you can configure your AntiBot.Cloud settings. You can choose from various security options such as CAPTCHA, JavaScript challenge, honeypot, and IP blocking. These options help to protect your website from spam, scraping, and other malicious activities.

  6. Monitor metrics and reports: AntiBot.Cloud also provides you with real-time monitoring of your website's traffic, including bot detection, requests, and user activity. You can access these in the AntiBot.Cloud dashboard, which shows detailed metrics and reports.

In summary, AntiBot.Cloud is an excellent tool that you can use to protect your website from bots and junk traffic. With its easy integration process and powerful features, you can ensure that your website stays secure and free from spam and other malicious activities.

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