Adverticum is a company that develops and operates Hungary's top-rated online ad serving solution known as the Adverticum AdServer. It serves as a platform designed to manage and deliver a range of digital advertisements such as display ads, video ads, and mobile ads. The AdServer provides publishers with tools to customize and control how they serve their ads while maximizing their revenue streams. Advertisers can also use the AdServer to track key metrics and optimize their ad campaigns based on customer engagement data. Adverticum's AdServer solution has become the go-to ad serving solution in Hungarian market by offering features like ad targeting, ad scheduling, ad rotation, frequency capping, and geo-targeting to advertisers and publishers. Its robust system can handle millions of ad impressions per day, ensuring smooth operations for its clients.

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148 Companies using Adverticum


specijalizovani sajt za o..

22$34K - $22K$87K serbia28%

Élet. Kult. Férfi. Nő - O..

17$6K - $49K$73K hungary85%

okos pénzügyi megoldások...

78$18K - $34K$60K hungary96%
logo Kft.

4$7K - $2K$52K hungary91%
Mediaworks Hungary Zrt.

“content first - első a t..

284$44K - $20K$435K hungary7%
Képmás magazin

hiteles, sokoldalú és min..

21$40K - $41K$167K hungary75%
Adverticum Zrt.

14$17K - $37K$59K hungary83%
Használtautó Kft.

9$49K - $44K$83K hungary28%
Az Év Irodája

Az irodai közösség újrate..

11$17K - $17K$36K hungary88%
Gábor és Judit Ingatlan

ingatlan adásvétel budape..

-$19K - $35K$11M hungary88%
New Wave Media Group

A New Wave Media Group az..

31$5K - $26K$81K hungary11%
Biztosító Magazin

A biztosítási szakma kezd..

-$28K - $45K$18K hungary74%
Magyar Építéstechnika

-$24K - $18K$79K hungary55%
Funzine Media Kft.

14$2K - $36K$373K hungary37%
MÚLT-KOR történelmi magaz..

történelmet írunk.

4$47K - $20K$99K hungary97%

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How to use Adverticum

Adverticum is an online advertising solution that provides you with a powerful way to serve ads on your website. Here's how you can use Adverticum:

  1. Sign up for an account: To get started, you need to sign up for an Adverticum account. You can do this by visiting their website and following the signup process.

  2. Create ad units: Once you have signed up, you will be able to create ad units for your website. These ad units are essentially containers that hold the ads that you want to display.

  3. Customize ad settings: After creating ad units, you can customize the settings for each ad unit, including the type of ads that you want to display, the size of the ad unit, and how the ads should be displayed.

  4. Implement ad code: Once you have created ad units and customized their settings, Adverticum will provide you with ad code that you need to add to your website. This ad code will tell your website where to display the ad units you created earlier.

  5. Start serving ads: With the ad code added to your website, Adverticum will start serving ads on your website. You will earn revenue for each click or impression that the ads receive.

Overall, Adverticum provides a simple and effective way to monetize your website through online advertising. By following the steps above, you can easily implement Adverticum on your website and start earning revenue from ad clicks and impressions.

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