Companies using AdThrive

AdThrive is an online advertising network that connects bloggers with advertisers looking for ad space on their blogs. It provides a platform for bloggers to monetize their blog through display ads, video ads, and various other types of advertising. AdThrive works by analyzing the blogger's website traffic and optimizing the ads shown to maximize revenue while maintaining a positive user experience.

The company was founded in 2013 and has grown significantly since then, serving thousands of bloggers across different niches such as food, lifestyle, travel, and more. AdThrive takes care of all the technical aspects of advertising, including ad placements, ad formats, and ad optimization, allowing bloggers to focus on creating quality content for their audience.

AdThrive also provides valuable insights into the performance of ads on a blogger's site, including metrics such as ad impressions, click-through rates, and revenue generated. The network also offers support to bloggers, helping them to find the best strategies to optimize their ad revenue and grow their blog.

Overall, AdThrive is an effective solution for bloggers who want to monetize their website through advertising without having to worry about the technical details of running ads. With its easy-to-use platform, personalized support, and optimized ad placements, AdThrive has become a popular choice for bloggers looking to generate income from their online presence.

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1,260 companies are currently using AdThrive



the new way to tour, buy ..

13 Employees$5K - $43K$73K united states ..34%Export

retail news and expert in..

26 Employees$40K - $31K$82K united states ..69%Export
Grit Daily News

the premier startup news ..

28 Employees$15K - $48K$61K united states ..27%Export
Step Out Buffalo

a wny-based media company..

14 Employees$27K - $35K$70K united states ..92%Export

71 Employees$4K - $29K$57K united states ..31%Export

a digital publisher dedic..

78 Employees$19K - $44K$77K united states ..98%Export

more ideas. less waste.

13 Employees$23K - $22K$62K united states ..78%Export
The Shade Room

#1 black-owned independen..

34 Employees$10K - $15K$84K united states ..8%Export
Heavy Sports

the most sought-after spo..

39 Employees$22K - $32K$62K united states ..78%Export
Thought Catalog

a platform for a new gene..

153 Employees$39K - $47K$89K united states ..94%Export
Career Contessa | Job Sea..

your shortcut to being mo..

41 Employees$50K - $44K$58K united states ..33%Export

36 Employees$49K - $35K$57K united states ..50%Export
Income School

our mission is to help pe..

21 Employees$31K - $38K$65K united states ..36%Export

every explorer needs a gu..

5 Employees$14K - $26K$86K united states ..2%Export
Create & Cultivate

create & cultivate: eleva..

46 Employees$13K - $27K$95K united states ..11%Export

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Using AdThrive for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing AdThrive services can be an invaluable asset for sales teams scouting for potential leads. The core strength comes from the wide range of industries that these blogs cover. A robust diversity in the user base provides a healthy pool of potential clients, befitting nearly every kind of product or service.

AdThrive serves as a platform for bloggers to monetize their content, meaning each company on this list is effectively in the business of attracting and maintaining a dedicated readership. These are businesses that have demonstrated the capacity to garner audience engagement – a trait coveted by sales departments.

Sales teams can strategize marketing campaigns around the audience demographics of these blogs. Each listed company attracts a unique user group and knowing these target demographics can give sales teams a significant advantage. This knowledge can help tailor products, craft specific messages, and maximize reach.

Furthermore, companies using AdThrive offer real world insights into trends that might be applicable in crafting marketing strategies. The list can provide an accurate and up-to-date view on what's working in the marketplace right now. This can help sales teams keep their finger on the pulse of emerging trends or shifts in consumer behavior.

Given the inherent appeal of blogs in attracting a loyal and engaged audience, there could be promising collaborations and partnership opportunities lying in this list of companies. Whether it's sponsored content, partnerships or influencer marketing – the list can be an ideal starting point for identifying such opportunities.

In conclusion, this list of AdThrive users can be a rich repository of potential leads, collaboration opportunities, and industry insights – a precious resource for any sales team aiming to convert browsing behavior into buying behavior.

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