AdRecover is a tool for online publishers that helps them to generate revenue from their Adblock inventory. AdRecover works by detecting when a user has an ad-blocker enabled and then serves them with a custom advertising experience that is less intrusive and more acceptable to the user than traditional ads. This custom advertising experience could be anything from a polite request to disable the ad-blocker, to a sponsored post or promoted content. AdRecover also allows publishers to whitelist specific advertisers so that users who have ad-blockers installed will still see their ads. By using AdRecover, publishers can generate revenue from users who would otherwise not see their ads due to ad-blockers. This is especially useful for publishers who rely on advertising as their primary source of revenue. With AdRecover, they can ensure that they are still monetising their ad inventory, even when users have ad-blockers installed.

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29 Companies using AdRecover


23$8K - $38K$72K peru18%
Ekşi Teknoloji

31$38K - $13K$53K türkiye98%
Zapak Digital Entertainme..

135$36K - $4K$92K india54%
El Comercio

independencia y veracidad..

181$33K - $41K$62K peru46%

the site for news and sma..

19$31K - $4K$57K united states ..95%

5$13K - $9K$3M germany54%

1$38K - $33K$60K india90%
Greynium Information Tech..

348$18K - $35K$95K india80%

25$10K - $25K$64K india54%
AndroGuru Media

Latest Android News | Sma..

-$15K - $17K$73K india65%

7 gün 24 saat kesintisiz ..

2$17K - $42K$74K türkiye31%
Sporx Espor

-$40K - $16K$13M türkiye82%

5$45K - $22K$57K -78%
Nintendo Everything

Latest Nintendo news and ..

3$30K - $13K$2M united states ..7%

be a travel insider!

45$5K - $45K$1M united states ..100%

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How to use AdRecover

AdRecover is a tool that enables website owners to monetize their ad-blocked inventory by displaying an alternative ad format, thus generating revenue from the visitors who would otherwise use ad-blocking software. To use AdRecover, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for AdRecover: Visit the AdRecover website and sign up to create an account.

  2. Add your site: After creating an account, add your website to the AdRecover platform by providing your website URL.

  3. Install AdRecover code: Once your site has been added, you'll be provided with a code snippet to add to your website's header section.

  4. Customize your ad settings: After installing the AdRecover code, customize your ad settings such as preferred ad formats, placement, and frequency.

  5. Monitor performance: After setting up AdRecover on your website, monitor its performance using AdRecover's analytics dashboard to track important metrics such as revenue generated and ad impressions.

In conclusion, by following these five steps, you can use AdRecover to monetize your ad-blocked inventory and generate additional revenue from your website's visitors.

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