Adloox is a company that provides buy-side ad verification and insights services. It was founded in Europe and focuses on ensuring the quality and effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. Adloox helps advertisers to detect and prevent non-human traffic, viewability issues, brand safety risks, and ad fraud. Adloox also provides real-time analytics and reporting to help advertisers optimize their advertising campaigns and improve their ROI. With its advanced technology and expertise, Adloox aims to provide transparent and reliable solutions for digital advertising.

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40 Companies using Adloox

Rablab | Digital Marketin..

digital performance and s..

32$40K - $24K$6K canada87%
Global Custodian

the authoritative editori..

15$22K - $9K$37K united kingdom..74%
Dar AlKhaleej for Press, ..

148$34K - $19K$910K united arab em..87%
Viaction Assurance

L'assurance vie 100% en l..

6$2K - $27K$13K canada95%
Business Insurance

business insurance is the..

1,232$16K - $34K$115K united states ..95%

your partner of career gr..

554$19K - $21K$3M bangladesh9%

Telling it as it is

22$46K - $22K$3M malaysia31%
The Daily Bonik Barta

83$26K - $12K$1K bangladesh17%
GMA Network, Inc.

Buong Puso Para sa Kapuso..

2,817$37K - $28K$10M philippines71%
Assignment Help Australia..

-$16K - $24K$55K australia43%
GMA Brand Talk

We do digital storytellin..

-$39K - $7K$10M philippines71%
aamoda broadcasting compa..

we report - you decide

70$22K - $48K$75K india14%
The Smart Local Malaysia

A lifestyle and news site..

3$17K - $39K$1M malaysia39%
The Smart Local Vietnam

The Smart Local Vietnam

-$22K - $27K$1M viet nam38%
Tasty Curry

-$29K - $40K$105K united states ..38%

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How to use Adloox

Adloox is a buy-side ad verification and insights company that offers solutions to advertisers, agencies, and publishers. Here's how you can use Adloox:

  1. Ad Verification: Adloox offers ad verification services to help ensure that your ads are served in brand-safe environments and to prevent fraud. You can use Adloox to monitor where your ads are being displayed and verify that they are meeting your brand's standards.

  2. Viewability Reporting: Adloox offers viewability reporting services that provide insights into the performance of your ad campaigns. This way, you can see whether your ads are actually being seen by your target audience.

  3. Data Analytics: Adloox provides data analytics services that give you insights into your ad campaign performance, including engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. With this information, you can optimize your campaigns and improve your ROI.

  4. Brand Safety: Adloox offers brand safety services to protect your brand from appearing next to harmful or inappropriate content. Adloox uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze content and identify potential risks, so you can avoid any negative associations with your brand.

  5. Fraud Prevention: Adloox helps prevent fraudulent activity by monitoring ad traffic for suspicious activity and blocking fraudulent clicks and impressions. This helps to ensure that your ad budget is being used effectively and efficiently.

To use Adloox, simply sign up for an account on their website and choose the services that best fit your needs. Adloox offers customizable solutions, so you can tailor your services to meet your specific business goals. From there, you can set up your campaigns and start monitoring your ad performance with Adloox's suite of tools and analytics.

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