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Adjust is a mobile marketing analytics platform that provides businesses with the tools to measure, analyze and optimize their mobile advertising campaigns. It helps companies to track user acquisition, engagement, retention, and revenue across multiple channels and devices.

The platform offers a variety of advanced features such as real-time data visualization, cohort analysis, A/B testing, and fraud prevention, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions and maximize the ROI of their campaigns.

Adjust's SDK (Software Development Kit) can be integrated into mobile apps to collect data about user behavior, including app installs, in-app events, and revenue. This data is then processed and analyzed by Adjust's algorithms, which provide insights into user behavior patterns and campaign performance.

Adjust supports a wide range of advertising networks, including Facebook, Google Ads, Apple Search Ads, and many others, allowing businesses to manage their campaigns in one centralized location. It also integrates with popular marketing automation platforms like Salesforce, Adobe, and Slack.

Overall, Adjust is an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their mobile marketing campaigns, increase their app's performance, and drive revenue growth. With its powerful analytics capabilities and user-friendly interface, it empowers marketers to make informed decisions and achieve their business goals.

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2,086 companies are currently using Adjust



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Using Adjust for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Adjust provides immense value as a potent resource for sales teams trying to identify potential leads. The list showcases businesses that have already identified the value of incorporating a mobile marketing analytics platform into their digital strategy, demonstrating their commitment to data-driven decision making.

Sales teams can consider these companies as potential targets for products and services that complement or enhance the capabilities of Adjust. For instance, if offering mobile app development, user experience (UX) design services, or even further in-depth data analytic tools, sales teams can capitalize on the fact that these companies already understand the value of mobile optimization and data analytics.

By effectively evaluating the list, sales leads can be segmented based on various factors, like company size, sector, or region. This segmentation will help curate personalized outreach strategies that cater to specific potential client needs. The list thus functions as a starting point to establish connections, conversations, or to pitch services that will help these companies to get more from their Adjust implementation.

In conclusion, the value of this list is in its ability to offer direct access to companies with a demonstrated interest in mobile analytics, thereby providing a means to significantly streamline and enhance the lead prospecting process.

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