Companies using Adalyser

Adalyser is an online platform that provides the necessary tools and resources to help businesses launch their TV advertising campaigns. The platform aims to simplify the process of creating and running TV ads, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

With Adalyser, users can access a range of features that aid in the development and execution of TV ads. This includes the ability to build custom ad campaigns using a library of pre-built templates and assets, as well as advanced targeting options to ensure your ads reach the right audience.

The platform also offers real-time analytics to help users track the performance of their ads and make data-driven decisions about their campaigns. This helps businesses optimize their campaigns for maximum ROI and ensures they get the most out of their TV advertising budget.

Overall, Adalyser aims to democratize the TV advertising landscape by providing small and medium-sized businesses with the tools and resources needed to compete with larger advertisers. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Adalyser makes it easier than ever for businesses to launch effective TV ad campaigns and reach their target customers.

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588 companies are currently using Adalyser



cross‑border payments inf..

125 Employees$28K - $41K$65K united kingdom..86%Export
Stiltz Lifts

the homelift company - br..

152 Employees$26K - $40K$76K united kingdom..33%Export

high performance laundry,..

76 Employees$22K - $10K$89K united kingdom..41%Export

making screen time smart!..

19 Employees$48K - $47K$77K united kingdom..47%Export
Love Hemp

The UK's leading CBD bran..

23 Employees$16K - $25K$75K united kingdom..76%Export
Mindful Chef | B Corp

healthy eating made easy...

93 Employees$33K - $12K$81K united kingdom..45%Export

the world’s leading indep..

1,127 Employees$10K - $29K$63K united kingdom..47%Export
Feel - Wellness, Reimagin..

wellness, reimagined

22 Employees$20K - $22K$84K united kingdom..81%Export

global leader in athletic..

155 Employees$21K - $41K$71K united kingdom..27%Export
My 1st Years

personalised baby gifts. ..

88 Employees$33K - $25K$73K united kingdom..35%Export

duolingo is the world's m..

1,969 Employees$28K - $19K$65K united states ..75%Export

uswitch's purpose is to e..

91 Employees$43K - $48K$75K united kingdom..26%Export
Explore Worldwide

Unforgettable experiences..

151 Employees$43K - $36K$78K united kingdom..77%Export

we’re on a mission to bri..

1,934 Employees$3K - $11K$98K united kingdom..43%Export

car maintenance, made eas..

47 Employees$50K - $26K$96K united kingdom..25%Export

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Using Adalyser for finding leads

The value of the list of companies using Adalyser lies in its direct relevance for sales teams prospecting in the media and advertising industries. The platform's emphasis on assisting with TV advertising presents a unique opportunity to establish connections within that influential space.

The given list showcases potential buyers and collaborators who are likely to have a serious interest in TV advertising and related products or services. Thus, it's an invaluable resource for lead generation. With direct links to companies that already comprehend the value of media marketing, there's a higher possibility of a successful partnership and a boosted conversion rate.

There's also a chance to uncover cross-sell and upsell opportunities, as the businesses on this list may be in search of supplementary solutions to complement their existing Adalyser capabilities.

In sales, knowledge is power. This list, therefore, provides important insights and understanding into trends within sectors that prioritize TV advertising, and which are likely to be open to tools and services that support that commitment.

Furthermore, for others in the advertising and media space, the array of businesses using Adalyser can serve as an indicator of the platform's reliability, and might inspire trust and confidence in associated solutions and services.

Whatever the exact nature of a service or solution might be, if it can be linked to TV advertising or the capabilities provided by Adalyser, this curated list of companies can be a powerful device for lead prospecting. A wealth of potential opportunities for connection and business growth awaits firms who leverage this asset effectively.

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