Companies using AcuityAds

AcuityAds is a digital advertising company that provides automated solutions to marketers who want to reach their target audience across various channels such as mobile, social media, and online display advertising campaigns. They offer a platform that enables advertisers to create, manage, and optimize their ad campaigns in real-time.

The company's technology leverages machine learning algorithms to help advertisers identify the best ad placements, target specific demographics, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. This means that advertisers can access valuable insights that allow them to make informed decisions about how to allocate their marketing budgets to achieve their desired outcomes.

AcuityAds' platform also supports a range of ad formats including video, display, and native ads. This allows advertisers to choose the format that best suits their campaign goals and target audience. Additionally, the platform offers features such as cross-device targeting and retargeting, which ensures that advertisers can engage with consumers across multiple touchpoints and devices.

In summary, AcuityAds is a digital advertising company that helps marketers optimize their ad campaigns across various channels by leveraging the power of machine learning and automation. Their platform provides advertisers with the tools they need to reach their target audience effectively, measure the performance of their campaigns, and ultimately drive business results.

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1,164 companies are currently using AcuityAds



contract review and data ..

17 Employees$29K - $39K$53K united states ..82%Export

your partner in precision..

86 Employees$5K - $40K$95K united states ..41%Export

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728 Employees$38K - $13K$84K united states ..52%Export

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Quantum Metric

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90 Employees$33K - $45K$54K france54%Export
Oak Street Health

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3,896 Employees$21K - $45K$85K united states ..99%Export
Eddy Solutions

intelligent water managem..

36 Employees$21K - $42K$64K canada5%Export
PerimeterX (now HUMAN)

perimeterx is the leading..

77 Employees$9K - $42K$78K united states ..97%Export

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493 Employees$48K - $45K$78K united states ..45%Export
Sellers Shield™

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24 Employees$25K - $15K$67K united states ..84%Export
Nanostim, Inc.

7 Employees$17K - $49K$93K united states ..2%Export

data unification & manage..

520 Employees$37K - $43K$56K united states ..29%Export

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Using AcuityAds for finding leads

This list of companies using AcuityAds serves as a potent resource for undertaking strategic lead prospecting. Given that AcuityAds is a trusted solution for marketers to reach clients through diverse channels - including mobile, social, and online display advertisement campaigns, each entity included on this list signifies an organization actively investing in cutting-edge ad technology to boost customer engagement.

Sales teams stand to benefit enormously from this directory. It's an invaluable tool precisely identifying potential leads operating in sectors prioritizing advanced digital advertising solutions. Each company utilizing AcuityAds is part of an industry segment cognizant of the persuasive value of comprehensive marketing campaigns, suggesting they may be more receptive to other sophisticated technological solutions that optimize their marketing efforts or IT infrastructures.

When approaching businesses from this list, sales can strategize their approach based on the understanding that these firms recognize and appreciate advanced technology. This awareness helps craft targeted pitches and proposals that emphasize tech-forward solutions, thereby enhancing the chances of a successful pitch.

Moreover, understanding that a company uses AcuityAds can provide insights into their approximate marketing budgets, allowing for more accurate lead qualification. It can help draw lines between leads with the necessary resources ready to invest in further technological advancements and those who might not be.

In conclusion, this list opens a wide lane for sales teams aiming to streamline their prospecting process, connecting with businesses already in tune with the landscapes of digital ads and modern technology. It acts as a springboard for targeted outreach, fostering more robust, insightful conversations from the initial point of contact. By providing key information about which firms use AcuityAds, the list helps sales teams hone their lead identification, speeding up the sales process and potentially driving more conversions.

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