Acoustic Experience Analytics
Acoustic Experience Analytics

Acoustic Experience Analytics is a cloud-based analytics solution that was formerly known as IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud. This SaaS platform allows businesses to capture and monitor each visitor interaction on their website or mobile application, providing valuable insights into the customer experience. With its core capabilities, Acoustic Experience Analytics can track and manage user sessions, identify areas of friction or frustration, and provide real-time visibility into user behavior. By analyzing user data, businesses can determine which pages are most frequently accessed, where users are spending the most time, and what pages are causing users to abandon their session. These insights can be used to optimize the user experience and improve conversion rates. Overall, Acoustic Experience Analytics provides a comprehensive way to track, analyze, and understand customer interactions across digital touchpoints.

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154 Companies using Acoustic Experience Analytics


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How to use Acoustic Experience Analytics

Acoustic Experience Analytics can help you gain insights into how visitors interact with your website or mobile application. By capturing and managing each visitor interaction, Tealeaf can provide detailed information on user behavior such as clicks, scrolling, navigation, and form fills.

To use Acoustic Experience Analytics, you first need to integrate it with your website or mobile application. This involves adding a tracking code to your site or app that enables Tealeaf to capture visitor interactions.

Once the integration is complete, you can start using the Tealeaf console to analyze visitor behavior. The console provides a range of tools and reports that enable you to gain deep insights into user activity. For example, you can view session replays to see exactly how users interacted with your site or app, identify areas where they may have encountered problems, and optimize the user journey for better engagement.

You can also use Acoustic Experience Analytics to monitor specific actions or events on your site or app. For example, you can set up alerts to notify you when users encounter errors or abandon forms. This information can help you quickly identify and resolve issues that may be impacting the user experience.

Another useful feature of Acoustic Experience Analytics is the ability to segment user behavior based on a range of criteria such as location, device type, or referral source. This can help you understand how different user groups interact with your site or app and tailor your marketing or content accordingly.

Overall, Acoustic Experience Analytics is a powerful tool for gaining insights into user behavior and optimizing the user experience on your website or mobile application. By integrating Tealeaf with your site or app and leveraging its advanced analytics capabilities, you can drive greater engagement, loyalty, and revenue from your online channels.

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