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Zope is a free and open-source web application server written in the programming language Python. It provides a platform for building dynamic and interactive web applications, content management systems, and intranets. Zope uses an object-oriented approach to web development, allowing developers to create reusable components that can be easily integrated into larger applications. Zope also includes a powerful built-in content management system (CMS) called Plone, which provides tools for creating and managing websites, as well as features such as version control, workflow management, and content locking. Zope has a modular architecture that supports a wide range of third-party plugins and add-ons, making it highly extensible and versatile. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive management tools make it an attractive choice for both developers and non-technical users alike. Zope has been used to build many high-profile websites, including NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the European Space Agency, and the Brazilian government's official web portal.

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1,238 companies are currently using Zope


Adriano Salani Editore

più felici con un libro

93 Employees$47K - $32K$62K italy33%Export
Electro-Connect, Inc.

get connected.

10 Employees$25K - $10K$84K united states ..86%Export
Giulio Barbieri

outdoor solutions created..

41 Employees$39K - $18K$83K italy82%Export
Tecnoteca srl

maintainer of the open so..

31 Employees$32K - $27K$58K italy11%Export
MJ Abbott Ltd

specialist contractors to..

55 Employees$44K - $6K$84K united kingdom..42%Export

91 Employees$19K - $13K$69K spain2%Export
Idiap Research Institute

artificial intelligence f..

269 Employees$31K - $13K$98K switzerland18%Export
Satzweiss.com Print Web S..

content, tools und knowho..

13 Employees$16K - $5K$95K germany55%Export
Graines de Paix Foundatio..

laureate of the 2019 smar..

31 Employees$42K - $19K$78K switzerland73%Export

computer science and tech..

9 Employees$36K - $27K$54K united states ..40%Export
Consulado-Geral do Brasil..


15 Employees$13K - $13K$61K united states ..93%Export
Embassy of Brazil in Lond..

the embassy of brazil in ..

67 Employees$10K - $48K$71K united kingdom..17%Export

éditeur d'utilité publiqu..

21 Employees$24K - $21K$92K france66%Export
Fonds des Affections Resp..

prévention de la tubercul..

15 Employees$16K - $37K$94K belgium54%Export

technology to enable ever..

50 Employees$35K - $19K$88K united kingdom..77%Export

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