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Apache Traffic Server is an open-source high-performance proxy server that provides a caching infrastructure for accelerating the delivery of web content. It functions as a reverse proxy, intercepting and forwarding HTTP requests to web servers, while also caching and serving frequently requested content directly from memory or disk.

Traffic Server supports various caching techniques, including HTTP caching, surrogate-key caching, and edge-side includes (ESI). It can also be configured as a load balancer, SSL/TLS terminator, and traffic router.

As part of the Apache Software Foundation, Traffic Server is highly extensible and customizable via plugins and modules. It offers a flexible API for developing custom features and integrations, making it popular among large-scale web properties and content delivery networks (CDNs).

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9,463 companies are currently using Apache Traffic Server



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Using Apache Traffic Server for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Apache Traffic Server is an invaluable resource. These companies, found across varying industry sectors, benefit from this open-source caching and proxying server's advanced capabilities. For sales teams, positioning products or services with these companies can open up new potential opportunities for growth.

Establishing who is already using Apache Traffic Server enables better understanding of the market. Sales teams gain insights into patterns, trends, and commonalities among these companies. This list provides a chance to delve deeper into the technology landscape of potential clients, evaluating their technological maturity and openness to incorporating advanced server solutions.

The ability to correlate the use of Apache Traffic Server with specific business types or sectors can provide sales teams clues about which areas could most benefit from their offerings. Companies leveraging Apache Traffic Server might also be open to other advanced technology solutions, forming a potentially receptive audience.

In addition, companies employing Apache Traffic Server for its complex HTTP features may have highly technical needs. With knowledge of their usage of this technology, sales teams can tailor their pitches accurately, offering solutions that align with their high-level needs.

Targeting prospective leads using this list narrows down the prospecting process. By approaching companies which are confirmed to be utilizing Apache Traffic Server – an advanced technological tool – sales teams are more likely to interact with leads who have the sophistication and business need that matches the solutions or products on offer.

To summarize, the list of companies using Apache Traffic Server is a powerful tool for sales teams. It allows for a more targeted approach to prospecting, deepens understanding of target market requirements, and maximizes the likelihood of engaging with receptive, technologically-advanced prospective clients. By focusing on these companies, sales teams can streamline their efforts, increase their efficiency, and potentially enhance their results.

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