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CentminMod is a web server software used for managing and installing LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP) stack on Linux operating systems. It aims to provide a simple and easy-to-use interface for setting up and managing high performance web servers optimized for WordPress and other web applications.

CentminMod includes several optimization features such as automatic Nginx configuration, server-side caching, HTTP/2 support, TLSv1.3 support, and more. It also comes with various command-line tools for managing the server, such as a built-in Let's Encrypt SSL certificate installer, PHP extensions manager, and more.

CentminMod is designed primarily for experienced users who are comfortable working with command-line interfaces and have knowledge of Linux, Nginx, and other web hosting technologies. It is not recommended for beginners or users unfamiliar with server configuration and management.

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3,004 companies are currently using Centminmod


Xero Shoes

live life feet first

68 Employees$24K - $38K$77K united states ..58%Export
Texas Computer Education ..

we're taking the limits o..

23 Employees$27K - $25K$81K united states ..87%Export
Tempesta Media

tempesta media is digital..

35 Employees$20K - $7K$57K united states ..5%Export
The Produce Moms

our mission is to get mor..

5 Employees$41K - $36K$67K united states ..27%Export

go see live music

34 Employees$14K - $4K$83K united states ..22%Export
RCM Alternatives

we provide technology, in..

45 Employees$12K - $24K$88K united states ..2%Export

the world's first cloud-b..

71 Employees$13K - $14K$75K united kingdom..85%Export
kW Engineering

achieve decarbonization g..

96 Employees$31K - $38K$52K united states ..100%Export
Cultivate Advisors

a world made better by en..

62 Employees$21K - $33K$78K united states ..20%Export

wingmate is making sales ..

47 Employees$34K - $37K$93K canada87%Export
ASAR Digital

the customer comes first...

55 Employees$27K - $41K$100K united states ..18%Export
The Nolan Company

rail products for railroa..

17 Employees$39K - $8K$100K united states ..94%Export
DBG Detroit (Downtown Box..

we empower detroit studen..

32 Employees$14K - $7K$97K united states ..59%Export
Bipper Media

we help clients grow thei..

21 Employees$45K - $48K$67K united states ..66%Export
InAuth, Inc.

the digital intelligence ..

7 Employees$15K - $8K$51K united states ..63%Export

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Using Centminmod for finding leads

A comprehensive list of companies utilizing Centminmod offers significant value to sales teams in their lead prospecting endeavours. It allows them to connect with businesses that actively use and rely on the Centminmod technology, indicating their potential need for related services or complementary products.

Being privy to this list means having a rich resource at one's disposal. It provides a solid foundation for targeted outreach and focused sales initiatives. Instead of broadcasting out to an undefined audience, sales teams can engage in pinpoint marketing efforts, facilitating a more efficient use of resources which could yield higher conversion rates.

Further, understanding the size and nature of each company in the list can aid in refining a sales approach tailored to the specific needs and constraints of each potential lead. Elements, like company size or industry, can influence the goals and operational expectations of the company, thereby shaping the offerings highlighted during the sales process.

Moreover, knowing that these companies are Centminmod users can infer their values and priorities, such as a preference for optimized web server environments and performance. These insights can be instrumental in steering the sales conversation and positioning the product or service in a way that resonates with these identified prospects.

Lastly, monitoring this list can also help identify trends over time. For instance, recognizing industries that are increasingly adopting Centminmod, or observing the growth of Centminmod use within certain sectors can indicate emerging markets for exploitation.

Overall, the list of companies using Centminmod is valuable for sales teams as it empowers targeted lead prospecting, enables a tailored sales approach, offers insight into potential client priorities, and helps identify industry trends for future opportunities. It's more than just a list—it's a strategic tool for smart and efficient lead generation.

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