Companies using Kestrel

Kestrel is a cross-platform web server developed by Microsoft, that can be used to host ASP.NET Core applications. It is a lightweight and fast server that can handle a large number of concurrent connections. Kestrel is built on top of libuv, a multi-platform asynchronous I/O library, which provides high performance and scalability.

Kestrel can be used as a standalone server or in combination with other web servers like IIS or Apache. It supports HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2 protocols, and can serve static files, route requests, and execute dynamic code using middleware.

Kestrel can be configured programmatically or through configuration files, and it supports TLS, load balancing, and reverse proxying out of the box. However, Kestrel is not designed to be exposed directly to the Internet and should be placed behind a reverse proxy that provides additional security features.

Overall, Kestrel is a powerful and flexible web server that can handle various scenarios and workloads, making it a popular choice for hosting ASP.NET Core applications.

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8,338 companies are currently using Kestrel



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64 Employees$17K - $22K$62K united states ..8%Export
Amiqus - Games Recruitmen..

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8 Employees$40K - $30K$67K united kingdom..12%Export
Connected Kerb

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128 Employees$39K - $18K$62K united kingdom..12%Export
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19 Employees$29K - $10K$92K belgium39%Export
Radancy Europe

The leading global employ..

67 Employees$45K - $40K$72K austria95%Export
Gilbert Meher

executive search partners..

48 Employees$36K - $37K$94K united kingdom..47%Export

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134 Employees$9K - $13K$93K united states ..24%Export

your next adventure start..

153 Employees$11K - $40K$81K united states ..

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17 Employees$27K - $4K$71K israel84%Export
Terawe Corporation

terawe - a software techn..

71 Employees$46K - $16K$52K united states ..40%Export
Golden Five Consulting

an it service company! m3..

25 Employees$14K - $5K$76K united states ..47%Export
MegaDev GmbH

the creators of plitch: ..

24 Employees$7K - $24K$62K germany84%Export
oneworld Alliance

world-class airlines work..

48 Employees$23K - $14K$60K united states ..7%Export
Lion & Lion

an award-winning, southea..

140 Employees$12K - $5K$58K malaysia97%Export
Strange Loop Games

24 Employees$39K - $15K$93K united states ..65%Export

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Using Kestrel for finding leads

As a leading prospecting tool, the list of companies utilizing Kestrel provides invaluable insight concerning potential leads for sales teams. This curated list is uniquely valuable as it showcases dynamic organizations that are forefront in technology adoption, particularly the Kestrel web server. Therefore, being aware of this pool of technologically advanced companies, sales teams can strategically target their efforts towards a clientele that appreciates advanced solutions, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their lead generation process.

The presence of a company within this list suggests a commitment to cutting-edge web technologies. This informs sales teams about the technology orientations and investments their prospective business partners are leaning towards, allowing for customized and impactful pitches. It helps the teams understand the specific industry problems these businesses are tackling and what solutions they're investing in for that.

Furthermore, the list supports more than just finding leads. It can also aid in competition analysis as it provides direct visibility into organizations that are investing in similar tools and technology, such as Kestrel. This can be a fundamental aspect of strategy development for sales teams, as it helps in understanding market trends and the profile of companies making such investments.

For businesses that offer complementary or superior solutions to Kestrel, the list can serve as a starting point for conversations with potential customers. Sales teams can leverage this information to approach companies with custom-tailored solutions that fit their tech stack perfectly.

In conclusion, the list of companies using Kestrel can be a powerful tool in the hands of sales teams, providing vital guidance for identifying potential leads, crafting tailored customer engagement strategies, and ultimately driving business success.

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