Companies using gunicorn

Gunicorn (short for Green Unicorn) is a Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) HTTP server that provides a simple and efficient way to run Python applications in production. It functions as a middleman between web servers and web applications.

Gunicorn can be used with various web frameworks such as Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc. It operates by creating multiple worker processes that listen for incoming requests from the web server and serve them accordingly. These workers are managed by a master process that monitors their status and restarts them in case of any failure or error, making it resilient to crashes and ensuring high availability.

One of the main advantages of Gunicorn is its ability to handle concurrent requests efficiently, which helps improve application performance and response time. Gunicorn can also be configured to automatically scale up or down the number of worker processes based on the traffic load, further enhancing its scalability.

Gunicorn also comes with several configuration options that allow developers to customize its behavior according to their requirements. For instance, they can specify the number of worker processes, the maximum number of connections per worker, log settings, etc.

Overall, Gunicorn is a reliable and easy-to-use server that simplifies the deployment of Python web applications, improves their performance, and ensures their availability in production environments.

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6,048 companies are currently using gunicorn



delivering the highest qu..

30 Employees$2K - $6K$90K israel26%Export

find, use, and share cont..

54 Employees$11K - $13K$79K united states ..23%Export

syroco is a climate tech ..

32 Employees$4K - $8K$61K france19%Export
Arrcus, Inc.

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153 Employees$46K - $23K$89K united states ..84%Export

chemondis is the leading ..

36 Employees$38K - $34K$71K germany85%Export

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49 Employees$18K - $24K$90K united states ..85%Export

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40 Employees$17K - $35K$94K france97%Export

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16 Employees$16K - $24K$60K belgium18%Export

As a digital partner, Pro..

44 Employees$28K - $6K$64K france52%Export

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114 Employees$10K - $40K$95K united kingdom..8%Export

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17 Employees$36K - $3K$92K united states ..2%Export
Simply Jet

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36 Employees$22K - $29K$62K switzerland95%Export
Podium Analytics

ngo committed to reducing..

21 Employees$35K - $21K$79K united kingdom..48%Export

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91 Employees$24K - $9K$93K united kingdom..25%Export
ButterCMS 🧈

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25 Employees$21K - $50K$70K united states ..15%Export

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Using gunicorn for finding leads

This list constitutes companies employing Gunicorn, a Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) HTTP server known for its performance. It offers valuable insights for sales teams aiming to target businesses in the technology sphere, particularly those focusing on Python development, web services, or application deployment.

Primarily, this list can act as a roadmap to those firms that value reliable and efficient technology, hence indicating an environment receptive to technological tools or services that improve business processes. It might facilitate the creation of a personalized pitch, emphasizing product or service's compatibility with Gunicorn or its ability to enhance Gunicorn's efficiency.

Additionally, understanding the technology stack of potential leads can assist sale personnel in segmentation. Companies using Gunicorn will likely have specific needs and pain points. Sales teams can design and present product or service offerings that cater to these needs, improving the probability of securing sales.

The list could also be utilized to identify industry trends. If there are correlations between certain sectors and the usage of Gunicorn, sales teams can design sector-specific strategies or even forecast future trends, offering a competitive edge.

Analysing a company's technology choices - in this case, opting for Gunicorn - suggests an emphasis on performance and load handling in their web applications. Sales teams can leverage this information in their outreach strategy, enriching their interactions by demonstrating an understanding of the prospect's priorities.

In summation, the list of companies using Gunicorn provides a focused target group for sales teams in the tech domain. By offering insights into the prospect's development environment, it allows for more tailored, relevant, and hence compelling sales pitches.

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