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Zendesk Sunshine Conversations is a platform that helps businesses to manage conversations with customers across multiple channels. It enables businesses to have seamless communication with their customers in one continuous conversation and provides a unified API and native connectors to popular business applications like Zendesk and Slack. This allows everyone in the organization to access a single view of the customer conversation, making it easier to provide better support and service. With Sunshine Conversations, businesses can communicate with their customers via various channels such as text, voice, video, and social media platforms. The platform also provides features like automation and analytics to help businesses streamline their communication process and gain insights into customer behavior. Overall, Zendesk Sunshine Conversations aims to simplify communication between businesses and their customers by providing a unified platform for managing customer conversations.

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132 companies are currently using Zendesk Sunshine Conversations


Fútbol Emotion

inspiring all footballers..

339 Employees$40K - $38K$97K spain45%Export

a ótica reinventada.

83 Employees$38K - $30K$68K brazil4%Export
Cloud Shepherd Limited

constantly evaluating & d..

3 Employees$2K - $4K$81K united kingdom..72%Export

il cuore nel passato, la ..

201 Employees$10K - $21K$75K italy69%Export

quality outsourcing & com..

79 Employees$46K - $27K$63K germany45%Export

50 years faster: setting ..

65 Employees$49K - $15K$87K germany72%Export
Seguros Médicos Internaci..

pioneros en el mercado co..

43 Employees$45K - $2K$78K colombia67%Export

to be the world's no.1 pr..

3,359 Employees$49K - $27K$78K united arab em..68%Export
SBS Librería Internaciona..

104 Employees$43K - $29K$53K argentina100%Export
TheSocialDataCo Pte Ltd (..

international data servic..

10 Employees$29K - $3K$99K singapore25%Export

yeni bir cam hep yeni bir..

545 Employees$14K - $49K$62K türkiye52%Export
Kelvin Water Technologies..

a water, wastewater & sol..

34 Employees$8K - $36K$80K india51%Export

citio es la primera red d..

14 Employees$40K - $29K$59K mexico31%Export
Tigo Honduras.

en tigo construimos autop..

1,290 Employees$14K - $38K$97K honduras56%Export

we are hiring! and always..

39 Employees$6K - $15K$83K spain23%Export

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For sales teams, this list can serve as a starting point for lead generation. Understanding the specific needs and interests of these companies can guide sales efforts and help to refine pitches. This can significantly improve the efficiency of the sales process, as efforts can be tailored to a highly defined target market.

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