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XWiki is a wiki software platform that is completely free and open-source. Developed in Java, it allows users to create and edit collaborative web pages with ease. XWiki's rich set of features includes document management, access control, content organization, image and file management, and more. The platform offers a robust search functionality, multi-language support, and customizable user interfaces. Its modular architecture allows for easy extensions and integrations with other applications. With XWiki, users can build and manage wikis for various purposes, such as team collaboration, knowledge management, project management, and education. Additionally, XWiki offers cloud-based solutions, as well as on-premise hosting options. Overall, XWiki provides a flexible and powerful platform for creating and managing wikis, making it an ideal choice for organizations or individuals looking for a reliable solution to collaborate and share information online.

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10 companies are currently using XWiki


Stichting WaihonaPedia

support communities aroun..

4 Employees$6K - $40K$60K netherlands50%Export
Cornelia de Lange Syndroo..

ontmoet ons, leer van ons..

2 Employees$46K - $9K$85K netherlands87%Export
Bulk Solids Centre - Czec..

Powder characterization; ..

4 Employees$21K - $8K$86K czechia81%Export

a game development collec..

4 Employees$18K - $2K$61K -58%Export
CdLS World Federation

2 Employees$47K - $41K$97K -54%Export

1 Employees$13K - $44K$67K -18%Export
Gyassa Software

- Employees$47K - $16K$88K -72%Export

observatoire français de ..

- Employees$37K - $40K$53K france39%Export
Adria Digital Media Obser..

croatian-slovenian hub fo..

- Employees$35K - $49K$53K croatia26%Export

bulgarian-romanian observ..

- Employees$12K - $47K$56K bulgaria75%Export

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Using XWiki for finding leads

The list of companies using XWiki can serve as a powerhouse of potential leads for sales teams. The broad utility and scope of XWiki, a renowned wiki software platform, supports a diverse range of businesses, presenting a unique prospecting opportunity.

Potential fields for outreach can be as varied as technology firms, academia, or businesses requiring collaborative knowledge management. This spectrum of operations allows for a wide sales pitch, covering a range of goods or services.

Due to XWiki's Java framework, companies utilizing it may also potentially need Java-based solutions or related technical support. Similarly, the open-source nature of XWiki may be an indicator of a company's propensity towards other open-source or collaborative software tools.

The list contains several types of data points which can be leveraged to effectively carve out a sales strategy:

  1. Industry Classification: A company's industrial sector can help categorize and segment prospects into appropriate niches, allowing for focus and relevance in sales endeavors.

  2. Company Size: Understanding the company's size and workforce can help gauge their requirements, budget constraints, and decision-making models.

  3. Company Health and Prowess: Financial and other performance metrics can enable judgement of the prospect’s ability to uptake new products or services.

  4. Geographical Location: The location can provide insights into market trends, legal regulations, and cultural business practices prevalent in the region.

Noteworthy is the fact that this list is dynamic and regularly updated. It keeps pace with the ever-changing tech landscape, ensuring fresh leads that are both relevant and timely. Thus, sales teams can keep their pipelines brimming and diversify their reach across industries and regions.

In a nutshell, this list of companies using XWiki can confer high-grade prospecting data, assist in strategic alliance formation, and eventually bolster the sales performance.

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