Companies using DokuWiki

DokuWiki is a free and open-source wiki software that allows users to create and manage knowledge base websites with ease. It uses simple syntax for formatting text and supports Markdown for formatting. DokuWiki stores all data in plain text files, making it easy to backup and migrate. It also offers many plugins and templates to customize the website's look and functionality. DokuWiki has a user-friendly interface that includes a search function, page revision history, and easy navigation. It's written in PHP, which makes it compatible with most web servers. DokuWiki is well-suited for small or medium-sized organizations and teams looking for an easy-to-use, customizable, and secure solution for their knowledge management needs.

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346 companies are currently using DokuWiki



providing engineers and e..

63 Employees$37K - $11K$59K united states ..88%Export
Kithara Software GmbH

the pulse of real-time

5 Employees$43K - $8K$62K germany68%Export
ASW Systems a.s.

we understand restaurants..

34 Employees$26K - $22K$86K czechia90%Export
axaio software GmbH

intelligent efficiency

4 Employees$14K - $3K$61K germany29%Export
Zebrafish International R..

11 Employees$22K - $14K$94K united states ..73%Export
R'n'B Consulting GmbH

gemeinsam sorgen wir für ..

5 Employees$48K - $44K$67K austria44%Export

prestador cualificado de ..

9 Employees$20K - $2K$61K spain45%Export

winscp is a popular free ..

3 Employees$12K - $5K$86K czechia96%Export
Sky::NET Services Ltd.

13 Employees$40K - $37K$95K -64%Export
Dimtel, Inc.

1 Employees$28K - $16K$63K united states ..90%Export
Profit Group

20 Employees$4K - $22K$93K kazakhstan64%Export
REFA Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

ihr partner für industria..

6 Employees$37K - $30K$69K germany52%Export
Sigma Consulting Services..

2 Employees$5K - $48K$53K united kingdom..76%Export

clarin-ch : the swiss com..

4 Employees$40K - $50K$64K switzerland29%Export
TestOptimal, LLC

1 Employees$8K - $29K$54K -64%Export

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Using DokuWiki for finding leads

The list of companies using DokuWiki comprises valuable data beneficial for various sales teams. By offering insights into businesses already leveraging this free, open-source wiki software, the list provides a target market for firms offering secondary products and services related to DokuWiki.

For service providers focused on customization, integration, and support for DokuWiki, the list brings potential clients directly to their hands. It outlines firms that have demonstrated a commitment to the platform, thereby simplifying the initial lead prospecting stage.

Sales teams specializing in complementary software, such as project management tools or content management systems, might also find this list particularly valuable. By understanding which companies use DokuWiki, teams can highlight how their own products enhance and streamline the existing setup, effectively demonstrating value to potential customers.

This curated listing acts as a direct line to a custom audience, saving precious time and resources typically spent on identifying potential leads. It offers a well-defined starting point, enabling sales teams to dive deep into strategic outreach.

For those providing training services around DokuWiki, this directory showcases companies which might require their services, either for onboarding new hires or for improving the proficiency of existing users.

Teams focusing on data migration services, who aid businesses in transitioning from one software to another, can use the list to identify enterprises that may be contemplating a shift from DokuWiki to another platform. Additionally, sales teams offering more advanced wiki or content management solutions can use this list to target companies that might be mature enough for a more comprehensive solution, having outgrown DokuWiki's capabilities.

In essence, this list of companies using DokuWiki helps sales teams to more efficiently identify and reach companies that are ripe for the sales of related products or services. By understanding who's already invested in the DokuWiki platform, these teams are better placed to strategize a fitting sales approach that caters to each firm's specific needs.

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