Companies using TiddlyWiki


TiddlyWiki is a free and open-source tool for organizing and sharing complex information. It is designed to function as a personal notebook, allowing users to capture and organize their thoughts, ideas, and notes in a simple and intuitive way.

One of the key features of TiddlyWiki is its flexibility. Users can add and arrange content in any way they see fit, creating a customized system that suits their needs. This makes it particularly useful for individuals who need to manage large amounts of information or complex projects.

TiddlyWiki also enables collaboration by allowing multiple users to access and edit the same document simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for teams working on collaborative projects or for individuals seeking feedback from others.

Another important aspect of TiddlyWiki is its portability. The entire wiki can be saved as a single HTML file, making it easy to share and transport between devices. This means that users can access their notes and ideas from anywhere, without having to worry about syncing or transferring files.

Overall, TiddlyWiki is a versatile and powerful tool for organizing and sharing information. Whether you're a student looking to manage your coursework, a professional trying to stay on top of a complex project, or simply someone who wants to keep their thoughts organized, TiddlyWiki offers a flexible and effective way to do so.

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11 companies are currently using TiddlyWiki


Tempus Dictum, Inc.

2 Employees$4K - $48K$97K united states ..16%Export
Federatial Limited

- Employees$39K - $12K$76K united kingdom..17%Export
Christoph Gabriel EDV Die..

- Employees$13K - $10K$71K germany87%Export

Semi-Automatic 3D Dimensi..

- Employees$21K - $10K$66K -45%Export
Carla Romahn-Burbach

- Employees$29K - $11K$58K germany92%
Sleepy Dragons Selbstvert..

- Employees$9K - $46K$92K germany1%Export
Tempus Dictum Inc

- Employees$34K - $14K$55K united states ..69%Export
Ediciones Isabor y AVK Ve..

- Employees$40K - $16K$86K spain54%Export
Six Monstres

- Employees$33K - $40K$81K france53%Export
Martin Schniewind

- Employees$46K - $49K$72K germany8%

- Employees$12K - $28K$82K germany30%Export

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Using TiddlyWiki for finding leads

A list of companies using TiddlyWiki represents a vast pool of potential leads for sales teams. TiddlyWiki, an open-source notebook used for capturing, organizing, and sharing complex information, is implemented by a diverse range of businesses. This signifies that those businesses prioritize productivity and effective information management. Sales teams can tap into this market of potential clients by understanding the unique value they expect from their tools.

For instance, these businesses likely value the interdisciplinary integration and non-hierarchical design that TiddlyWiki provides. This understanding can inform sales pitches and create a direct link between the product offerings and TiddlyWiki user needs.

Moreover, the companies on this list likely appreciate the open-source nature of TiddlyWiki. Sales teams may choose to emphasize similar features in their products, such as customization capability, a collaborative community for problem-solving, or a deep commitment to transparency.

Additionally, for businesses offering complementary products, such as additional data management tools, cloud services, or TiddlyWiki-related plugins, this list can be extremely relevant. It can aid in identifying those businesses which already recognize the benefits of advanced information management systems, indicating a higher likelihood of interest in complementary products.

Furthermore, this list can help identify the size and geographical distribution of the market, enable competitor analysis, and provide insights into various industry sectors where TiddlyWiki is commonly used. Such insights can immensely refine a sales strategy and help identify patterns or trends across the potential client base.

In sum, the list of companies using TiddlyWiki offers invaluable insights to sales teams by identifying those organizations which would potentially be interested in similar or complementary products. It offers an opportunity to tailor strategies and offerings according to the recognized value these companies derive from their current tools, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of lead generation efforts.

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