Companies using YUI Doc


YUI Doc is a tool used for documentation of code written in JavaScript. It is a Node.js application that generates API documentation at build time. This tool provides an easy way to document the code by using inline comments. With YUI Doc, developers can easily maintain their code documentation by keeping it up-to-date with the code itself.

YUI Doc is widely used in JavaScript development because of its simplicity and flexibility. It allows developers to write comments in their code, which are then parsed by YUI Doc to generate API documentation. Developers can also include information such as function parameters, return types, and descriptions.

The generated documentation is presented in an HTML format, making it easy to read and navigate. It provides a clear overview of the code structure, functions, and variables used in the project. The documentation is also customizable, allowing developers to specify their own templates and styles.

YUI Doc is not limited to a specific JavaScript framework and can be used with any codebase, making it an ideal choice for developers working on different projects. Overall, YUI Doc is a useful tool for developers who want to maintain comprehensive and up-to-date documentation for their JavaScript code.

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300 companies are currently using YUI Doc


Yaskawa America, Inc. - ..

world's largest manufactu..

685 Employees$15K - $20K$95K united states ..5%Export
GMI Ratings

8 Employees$32K - $33K$59K united states ..66%Export

nel mondo, alleati al tuo..

49 Employees$13K - $8K$93K italy34%Export
MSCI Private Capital Solu..

burgiss is now part of ms..

478 Employees$14K - $34K$91K united states ..51%Export
Archdiocese of Chicago

1,588 Employees$9K - $17K$95K united states ..11%Export
Northstar Technologies, I..

leading the way | all in ..

264 Employees$27K - $24K$77K united states ..86%Export

simples. rápido. feito.

97 Employees$34K - $16K$85K portugal21%Export
NLcom | Slim in ICT

sneller. beter. efficiënt..

41 Employees$31K - $30K$73K netherlands81%Export

engineering ideas

35 Employees$33K - $14K$93K italy42%Export
the center club

the center of something e..

40 Employees$22K - $33K$51K united states ..14%Export
Lakewood Yacht Club

33 Employees$17K - $22K$66K united states ..94%Export

4 Employees$10K - $14K$53K united states ..83%Export

a2c helps auto, power spo..

5 Employees$22K - $44K$73K united states ..4%Export
The In & Out (Naval and M..

a sanctuary nestled in th..

49 Employees$24K - $24K$82K united kingdom..51%Export
St Ives Country Club

47 Employees$14K - $3K$76K united states ..59%Export

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Using YUI Doc for finding leads

The provided list of companies could be a goldmine of potential leads for sales teams interested in targeting businesses that use YUI Doc. This technology, a Node.js application that generates API documentation, is known for being utilized in software development processes. Therefore, the companies featured on this list are presumed to have a higher likelihood of needing products and services associated with software development, API design, or other related fields.

Sales teams can effectively use this list to sharpen their strategy and focus their resources. By understanding which companies use YUI Doc, they can tailor their sales pitches to highlight how their offerings align with the needs of software developers and companies already using YUI Doc. This customization can increase the relevancy and impact of their messages, contributing to a higher conversion rate.

This list also allows sales teams to gain insights into broader market trends. Identifying industries and sectors where YUI Doc is predominantly used can give sales teams an idea about where the demand for their offering might be higher. Conversely, noticing industries where YUI Doc is less prevalent can reveal untapped markets ripe for exploration.

If a sales team has specific product updates or enhancements that will benefit YUI Doc users, this list allows them to reach out directly to those who would get the most value. Overall, having a detailed and updated list of companies using YUI Doc at their disposal allows sales teams to be more strategic, efficient, and successful in their prospecting efforts.

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