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Obsidian Publish is a paid plugin for Obsidian that allows users to publish selected notes on the publish.obsidian.md domain. With this plugin, users can easily share their content with others and make their work accessible to a wider audience. The published notes can be organized into a directory, making it easy for readers to navigate through the content. Users can also customize the appearance of their published content by choosing from a variety of themes and templates. This plugin is designed to work seamlessly with Obsidian, allowing users to easily select which notes they want to publish directly from within the app. Obsidian Publish provides a convenient way for users to share their knowledge and ideas with the world, while also maintaining control over their content.

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21 companies are currently using Obsidian Publish


McGill Media

8 Employees$25K - $26K$61K united states ..86%Export

sharpen your thinking. ob..

13 Employees$8K - $27K$64K canada41%Export

1 Employees$14K - $38K$85K denmark30%Export

krypton is an independent..

2 Employees$40K - $48K$88K portugal72%Export
Long Pressed

a weekly newsletter highl..

2 Employees$2K - $32K$63K united states ..28%Export
Power Modes

Tell Stories in Excel

1 Employees$29K - $7K$89K australia20%Export
S.B. van de Ven

1 Employees$7K - $19K$69K netherlands70%Export

Opinionated articles & vi..

1 Employees$3K - $50K$76K united states ..27%Export

designing digital and phy..

1 Employees$49K - $22K$75K united states ..19%Export
Campos & Torres Consultor..

1 Employees$26K - $2K$78K -23%Export
Talk of Today

Explore developments in t..

1 Employees$17K - $19K$60K -64%Export
The Nahar Law Chambers

4 Employees$20K - $13K$52K india87%Export
St Leo’s Church

8 Employees$29K - $32K$87K united states ..35%Export
Cascade Technology Group

1 Employees$44K - $27K$66K united states ..69%Export
School of Swift

Meticulously crafted iOS ..

1 Employees$16K - $29K$55K canada30%Export

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Using Obsidian Publish for finding leads

Obsidian Publish is a tool that's rapidly gaining traction in various sectors, making it a perfect technology to watch from a sales perspective. The list of companies using Obsidian Publish therefore presents remarkable value as a cultivation source for potential leads.

Companies on this list span a range of industries, revealing a multiplicity of potential prospects for products or services that complement or extend the offerings of Obsidian Publish. Picture identifying a company that is transitioning their internal documentation to a public forum using Obsidian Publish. This may indicate broader initiatives towards transparency, digital transformation, or streamlined collaboration. As a sales team, the envisioning of products or services that align with these objectives can be advantageous, and the outreach can be personalized and tailored to the detected needs.

Moreover, having this list of companies can aid in the segmentation of the market and allow sales teams to constantly refine their outreach approaches based on industry, company size, or other relevant factors. For instance, with a growing trend of content-creation tools in tech-driven industries, leads in that sector may be particularly valuable.

Furthermore, by monitoring the list for new additions, sales teams can be first in line to offer complementary services to companies that have recently started using Obsidian Publish, potentially getting ahead of the competition and securing new prospects before others have even recognized them.

In conclusion, the enumeration of companies that leverage Obsidian Publish serves as a tool for sales teams to access an expansive field of potential prospects, identify market trends, customize outreach strategies, and ultimately enhance the sales pipeline.

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