BookStack is a platform that allows users to organise and store information in a simple, efficient way. It is an open-source, self-hosted software that can be used by individuals or organisations to create a repository of knowledge. With BookStack, users can easily create and organize content using a familiar and intuitive interface. BookStack makes it easy to create pages, add images, and format text with no coding skills required. Users can also collaborate on content creation, allowing multiple people to contribute and edit information. The platform provides different levels of access control for users, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized individuals. One of the main advantages of BookStack is its ability to integrate with other systems such as LDAP authentication, single sign-on, and email notification. This makes it easy to use alongside existing workflows. Overall, BookStack is a powerful tool for anyone looking to manage information and knowledge in a simple, streamlined way. Its ease-of-use and customizability make it an excellent option for individuals, small teams, and even larger organizations.

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14 Companies using BookStack

SecreITum Digital Consult..

We are SecreITum and we c..

1$26K - $11K$68K spain66%
Academy of Neuroscience f..

promote and advance knowl..

3$32K - $17K$67K united states ..90%
Academy Of Neuroscience

-$31K - $6K$71K united states ..90%
Biblioteka Główna AGH

#jabiblioteka #bgagh #kor..

2$5K - $3K$68K poland92%
U1 Research Nonprofit Ltd..

1$34K - $44K$64K hungary72%
Barça Academy Perú

29$36K - $47K$58K peru74%
Special Concerts

-$38K - $10K$0 germany2%
Blaugrana Sports Group (O..

FC Barcelona Football Aca..

9$12K - $23K$51K nigeria6%

3$49K - $28K$64K -2%

-$28K - $12K$74K -39%
Medienzentrum Cloppenburg..

-$19K - $29K$0 germany85%

-$18K - $24K$66K netherlands19%

-$46K - $21K$20K united states ..17%
Feuerwehr Markt Goldbach

-$16K - $34K$79K switzerland94%

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How to use BookStack

BookStack is a great tool for organizing and storing information. Here are some basic steps to get started with using BookStack:

  1. Install BookStack: The first step is to install BookStack on your server. You can either use a web host or install it on your own server. Follow the instructions on the official website to install it.

  2. Create an Account: Once you have installed BookStack, create an account by clicking on the Sign-Up button. You will need to provide your email address and a password.

  3. Set-Up Your Workspace: After creating your account, you can start setting up your workspace. A workspace is a place where you can organize your information in groups. You can create multiple workspaces, depending on your needs.

  4. Create Pages: Next, you can start creating pages in your workspace. Pages are used to organize your content into sections. You can add text, images, and files to your pages.

  5. Organize Your Pages: You can organize your pages by dragging and dropping them to different sections. You can also create subpages to organize your content further. This makes it easy to navigate your content and find what you need quickly.

  6. Collaborate: BookStack allows you to collaborate with others by sharing your workspaces with them. You can invite them to your workspace and give them different levels of access. For example, you can allow them to view, edit or delete pages.

  7. Customize Your Workspace: BookStack allows you to customize your workspace to suit your needs. You can change the theme, logo, and color scheme of your workspace. You can also add custom CSS to further customize your workspace.

  8. Back Up Your Data: Finally, make sure to back up your data regularly to avoid losing any of your valuable information. You can use the built-in backup feature to create backups of your workspace.

In conclusion, BookStack is a simple and easy-to-use platform for organizing and storing information. By following these basic steps, you can get started with using BookStack to organize your workspaces, pages, and collaborate with others.

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