Companies using TWiki

TWiki is an open-source wiki and application platform that allows users to collaborate and share information online. The platform's name comes from the combination of "team" and "wiki," emphasizing its focus on team collaboration.

TWiki provides a simple, yet powerful web-based interface that enables users to create, edit, and organize content. Users can create pages on any topic, and other members of the community can collaborate by adding or editing content. TWiki also offers text formatting tools that allow users to add headings, bullet points, images, links, and tables to their pages.

One of the unique features of TWiki is its support for structured data. Users can create custom forms to collect and display specific types of information, such as project timelines, customer feedback, or inventory lists. This feature makes it easy to create custom applications that suit the needs of different teams and organizations.

Another benefit of TWiki is its robust security model. Users can set access permissions at the page level, restricting access to certain groups or individuals. They can also choose between several authentication methods, including LDAP, Kerberos, and SSL.

Overall, TWiki is a versatile platform that meets the needs of various businesses and communities. Its ease of use, flexibility, and security make it an ideal choice for those looking to improve collaboration and productivity in their organization.

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6 companies are currently using TWiki


Kreis Tool & Mfg Co., Inc..

15 Employees$30K - $49K$86K united states ..44%Export
Twiki, Inc.

1 Employees$11K - $26K$92K united states ..18%Export

collaborate with twiki - ..

2 Employees$22K - $15K$58K -11%Export
Flamingo Internet Navigat..

1 Employees$24K - $37K$64K united states ..61%Export

1 Employees$30K - $15K$57K -30%Export

- Employees$13K - $28K$100K germany25%Export

Using TWiki for finding leads

This curated selection of companies leveraging TWiki provides an extraordinary resource for sales teams seeking to identify and pursue potential leads. As a comprehensive directory of organizations utilizing the TWiki platform, this list presents an invaluable opportunity for businesses to identify key players in various industries who could potentially benefit from their products or services.

Understanding the technological infrastructure of a potential client is significant as it allows sales teams to tailor their approach, provide targeted solutions and communicate on common ground. If a product or service aligns with the TWiki platform, this list becomes an essential tool to identify customers who already have familiarity and comfort with the technology, thereby increasing the chances of a successful pitch.

Moreover, this list offers the advantage of reducing time consumed by prospecting unknown companies. Instead of casting a wide net, sales teams can focus their resources on this list of TWiki users, thereby increasing their overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Beyond lead identification, this list could also help sales teams understand industry trends and assess potential market needs based on the types of companies that are adopting TWiki. This can lead to more strategic decision-making, from product development to marketing strategy.

In conclusion, the list of companies using TWiki is a versatile tool that, when implemented strategically, can significantly advance the objectives of sales teams. It's a uniquely tailored shortcut to relevant, potentially engaging leads in the diverse universe that is the B2B market.

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