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Atlassian Confluence is a wiki-based collaboration tool designed for teams to work together on projects and share information. It is a web-based platform, which means it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy for teams to collaborate remotely. Confluence offers a range of features such as creating, editing and sharing pages, attaching files, commenting, and version tracking. It also supports integration with other Atlassian tools such as JIRA, allowing teams to manage their projects more efficiently. Confluence provides a flexible and customizable platform that can be tailored to meet the needs of various teams and organizations. It is widely used by software development teams, product management teams, marketing teams, and many more to streamline their workflows and improve collaboration within their respective teams.

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51 companies are currently using Atlassian Confluence



#1 marketplace to buy & s..

155 Employees$23K - $30K$85K australia28%Export

solutions to help you bet..

56 Employees$6K - $30K$84K germany100%Export
N3TWORK Studios

join us as we rethink how..

96 Employees$26K - $6K$72K united states ..9%Export

we're the creators of the..

29 Employees$48K - $49K$64K germany20%Export
TechTime Initiative Group..

atlassian gold solution p..

23 Employees$38K - $34K$95K new zealand75%Export

digital workplace design

7 Employees$3K - $19K$92K united states ..13%Export
Pronesis Technologies

37 Employees$40K - $38K$84K india45%Export
Red Radish

4 Employees$39K - $33K$54K united states ..32%Export
Transforming Maintenance ..

the centre is a partnersh..

10 Employees$38K - $24K$59K australia37%Export
MKB Twente

mkb twente verbindt!

6 Employees$22K - $47K$91K netherlands74%Export
SmiteWorks USA, LLC

13 Employees$5K - $19K$88K united states ..59%Export
KiwiSpace Foundation

1 Employees$15K - $16K$72K new zealand46%Export
Miller Software Systems, ..

Providing optimal solutio..

4 Employees$7K - $50K$61K united states ..85%Export

the home of jinx, cinx & ..

1 Employees$40K - $24K$98K south africa67%Export
Fireflies - Online turist..

23 Employees$11K - $31K$65K australia27%Export

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Using Atlassian Confluence for finding leads

The comprehensive list of companies utilizing Atlassian Confluence represents a vast reservoir of potential leads. For sales teams from all sectors, whether providing complementary solutions, integration services, hosting, or training, such a list is invaluable.

The significant value of the list lies in its potential to identify opportunities for new business, upselling, or cross-selling. For instance, a company already using Atlassian Confluence may be interested in additional services like customization, integrations, or user training. Similarly, businesses listed might be open to purchasing software that enhances or complements Confluence's capabilities.

The list also comes in handy for sector-specific analysis. Sales teams can identify industry trends by assessing which sectors are highly represented. It facilitates comprehensive understanding of market segments thriving with Atlassian Confluence, enabling targeted outreach to businesses in similar industries.

The strength of any sales campaign heavily depends on its precision targeting and timely execution. A list of businesses utilizing Atlassian Confluence provides the direction needed to tailor specific propositions that suit individual prospects. It allows sales teams to craft compelling narratives around how their services/products augment Confluence's functionalities, leading to a much higher convergence rate.

Furthermore, knowledge of who currently uses Confluence can expedite the sales process. This understanding means that prospects will likely have a grasp of the software landscape and the value of additional related services, leading to shorter sales cycles.

In conclusion, the list of companies using Atlassian Confluence can be a powerful tool in a sales team's arsenal, driving insight, focus, and ultimately, successful outcomes. It provides specified targeting, quicker sales processes, and aids in constructing persuasive sales pitches that add value to the existing Confluence deployment. Such a list can be the decisive factor that transforms a sales strategy from good to exceptional.

Alternatives to Atlassian Confluence

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