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WidgetWhats is a chat widget designed to provide businesses with an easy and customizable way to communicate with their customers through their website. With WidgetWhats, businesses can create a chat interface that matches their brand's appearance by customizing the color, button style, text, and position of the widget.

The widget allows businesses to engage with their customers in real-time, providing support and answering questions quickly and efficiently. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps businesses save time and resources by streamlining their customer support process.

WidgetWhats is user-friendly and easy to set up, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. It is also highly responsive, ensuring that customers receive immediate assistance whenever they need it.

Overall, WidgetWhats is an excellent tool for any business looking to improve their customer support and engagement. With its highly customizable interface and seamless integration with websites, WidgetWhats provides businesses with a simple yet effective way to communicate with their customers and build stronger relationships with them.

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1,451 companies are currently using WidgetWhats



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24 Employees$26K - $30K$92K united arab em..75%Export
Resources Valley

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21 Employees$3K - $24K$60K india48%Export
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre ..

vijaya– india’s largest c..

905 Employees$32K - $46K$53K india81%Export
Orca Fuel Solutions

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10 Employees$15K - $35K$78K south africa38%Export

a patient-centric, person..

19 Employees$5K - $41K$63K united states ..47%Export
Radium Medical Aesthetics..

pursue confidence

8 Employees$26K - $13K$89K singapore65%Export

transformation at work

45 Employees$21K - $49K$56K singapore63%Export

full power® valorizza il ..

20 Employees$45K - $17K$91K italy5%Export
Unger Academy®

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42 Employees$40K - $31K$98K italy19%Export
Serpent Consulting Servic..

odoo certified partner | ..

116 Employees$14K - $5K$85K india58%Export
LUXIMOS - Christie's Inte..

a luximos exerce a sua at..

33 Employees$2K - $23K$89K portugal76%Export
Inmolux Alicante S.L

colegiado api la agencia ..

11 Employees$42K - $8K$56K spain60%Export

let's #checkintooutdoors

14 Employees$13K - $34K$88K india24%Export
Baggio Imóveis

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77 Employees$19K - $27K$95K brazil
Synergy Physiotherapy

complete rehabilitation

36 Employees$41K - $29K$64K united kingdom..92%Export

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Using WidgetWhats for finding leads

The list of companies using WidgetWhats is a valuable tool for sales teams looking for qualified leads in the tech industry. By having a concrete list of businesses that use this customizable chat widget technology, one can directly understand the scope and size of the current user base of this tool. It's a clear sign of the technology's effectiveness and market relevance.

Firms in this list have demonstrated a commitment to improving their online customer service and engagement, which indicates potential receptivity to related sales and marketing solutions. These companies have shown their willingness to invest in technology that enhances user experience and streamlines communication. So, this directory serves as a targeted lead pool for sales teams offering complementary solutions in customer service technology, UI/UX enhancement tools, or other similar digital products.

The list likewise provides insight into the companies' potential needs and pain points. This allows sales teams to tailor their approach regarding how their product or service could dovetail with WidgetWhats or improve upon the functionality that the company is already using.

In essence, this list enables more efficient and effective lead prospecting by providing sales teams with ready-made contact avenues for firms willing to invest in customer engagement technologies like WidgetWhats.

With such a valuable resource at their disposal, sales teams can more effectively align their outreach strategy, personalize their approach, streamline their sales cycle, and ultimately, increase opportunities for conversions and revenue growth.

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