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Visual Quiz Builder is an app created by AskWhai for the Shopify platform. It is a tool that allows merchants to easily create quizzes for their online stores. The app provides a visual interface where users can add questions, answers, and images to create engaging quizzes that can be embedded on their website. Visual Quiz Builder also includes features such as customization options, analytics, and lead capture forms to help merchants collect customer data. With this app, merchants can create interactive content that can increase engagement, drive traffic, and boost sales on their online store.

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161 companies are currently using Visual Quiz Builder


Peace Out Skincare

our mission is to deliver..

38 Employees$14K - $14K$85K united states ..23%Export
Peoplr, LLC

we make hr easy. seriousl..

21 Employees$26K - $25K$97K united states ..44%Export

341 Employees$18K - $42K$82K greece98%Export
TEA+ Vitamin Infused Teas..

infusing health in every ..

3 Employees$6K - $50K$85K united kingdom..93%Export
Papa's Pilar Rum

an ultra-premium rum insp..

32 Employees$26K - $39K$91K united states ..74%Export
Woodhouse Day Spa - Nolan..

promising to exceed our g..

9 Employees$16K - $35K$59K united states ..28%Export
Lady Pipa

we dress your special mom..

14 Employees$7K - $32K$89K spain96%Export
Best Nest Wellness

smart nutrition for your ..

6 Employees$40K - $49K$57K united states ..78%Export

713 Employees$10K - $41K$97K united states ..58%Export
Alma Coffee ™

👩‍🌾 farmer owned | roas..

14 Employees$18K - $33K$93K united states ..77%Export
Beautiful Day

providing employment prog..

67 Employees$10K - $5K$63K united states ..74%Export

naturally smart® skincare..

5 Employees$42K - $28K$76K united states ..64%Export
chromatique salon

chromatique salon provide..

7 Employees$42K - $22K$57K united states ..85%Export
Atlantic Machinery Manufa..

the leading manufacturer ..

28 Employees$11K - $22K$69K morocco78%Export
Thigh Society

breathe a thigh of relief..

4 Employees$26K - $24K$71K canada100%Export

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Using Visual Quiz Builder for finding leads

This list of companies using Visual Quiz Builder is an invaluable resource in aligning the products or services to the target market. It provides clear insights into a pool of companies that value high quality and user-friendly product quizzes to make their online shopping experience more engaging.

Sales teams can refine their prospecting strategies by integrating this diverse list into their process. It offers visibility into an array of businesses that operate within the Shopify ecosystem and appreciate interactive shopping elements, shaping their potential customers' buying journey with quizzes.

As these companies have already demonstrated their interest in improving customer experience through the usage of Visual Quiz Builder, they may welcome complementary services or products that enhance their existing system. This presents a unique opportunity for sales teams to showcase their offerings that synergize with Visual Quiz Builder.

Another notable advantage is the ability to study market trends based on the profile of the companies opting for Visual Quiz Builder. Sales teams can observe these patterns and adjust their approach to harness this valuable market segment.

In essence, this list not only enriches lead generation efforts but also paves the way for dynamic and insightful strategies for sales engagement. It allows for informed decision-making, paving the path for new partnership opportunities, revenue streams, and a deepened understanding of potential clients' needs and preferences.

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