Companies using Verloop

Verloop is a company that offers a conversational AI platform for automating customer support. Their platform allows companies to create chatbots that can interact with customers in a human-like manner, using natural language processing and machine learning technologies to understand and respond to customers' inquiries. This can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support operations, as well as provide a better experience for customers by providing instant assistance and 24/7 availability. With Verloop's platform, businesses can customize their chatbots to reflect their brand and ensure consistency in their messaging across multiple channels, including websites, messaging apps, and social media platforms. Overall, Verloop's conversational AI platform offers an innovative way for businesses to streamline their customer support processes and improve customer satisfaction.

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123 companies are currently using Verloop


Quintype Technologies

ai-powered digital newsro..

97 Employees$33K - $30K$63K india15%Export

securely transforming

18 Employees$21K - $30K$73K united arab em..31%Export

world's leading customer ..

121 Employees$40K - $30K$84K india72%Export
Niramai Health Analytix

a non-contact privacy-awa..

78 Employees$37K - $28K$92K india28%Export

bharat ka smart card- pre..

65 Employees$4K - $16K$66K india27%Export

reduce inventory costs, c..

159 Employees$40K - $16K$84K india56%Export

enabling individuals & bu..

432 Employees$44K - $21K$59K india66%Export
Wonderla Holidays Ltd.

wonderla - india's best a..

765 Employees$4K - $46K$94K india35%Export
National Takaful Company ..


79 Employees$47K - $35K$56K united arab em..68%Export
Gaumard Scientific

simulators for health car..

229 Employees$32K - $39K$91K united states ..33%Export
OpenCubicles Technologies..

we build enterprise appli..

19 Employees$34K - $34K$53K india36%Export
Trident Realty

building the nation

91 Employees$2K - $29K$79K india35%Export

eduvanz provides low cost..

286 Employees$9K - $6K$91K india11%Export
Pooja Crafted Homes

our properties reflect ou..

92 Employees$50K - $6K$85K india42%Export
ADIB - Abu Dhabi Islamic ..

banking as it should be....

7,850 Employees$31K - $23K$59K united arab em..25%Export

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Using Verloop for finding leads

The list of companies using Verloop helps sales teams effortlessly identify potential leads by providing a pre-curated selection of businesses that already understand the value of AI-driven customer support automation. A clear understanding of these companies' needs can shorten the sales funnel significantly, as the initial need for basic education regarding automation technologies has already been addressed.

This list of Verloop users may encompass a wide range of industries – from ecommerce and SaaS providers to travel operators and financial institutions. Each company highlighted, with a focus on automation, exposes a more significant market trend towards increased efficiency, faster response times, and round-the-clock support. Nurturing leads from these companies allows sales teams to leverage this demand and offer corresponding solutions.

In turn, the list becomes an invaluable tool to strategically engage with industry leaders and rapidly growing businesses that are forward-thinking, innovative, and interested in enhancing their customer support systems. Recognizing the typical customer profile using Verloop—be it start-ups, mid-tier companies, or large enterprises—streamlines targeting strategies, allowing sales teams to address the right audience with the suitable solutions.

Cutting down on research time, the list enables sales teams to allocate more resources to designing effective pitches, fostering strong relationships, and closing deals. Organizations featured in the list share a commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, hinting at their willingness to invest in tools that can optimize their operations. Insight into this mindset can be beneficial in tailoring persuasive sales strategies.

By observing the list of Verloop's users, sales teams gather substantial industry insights and can spot trends, identifying potential market gaps that their products or services can fill. In doing so, they can effectively align their sales strategy with industry needs and demands to greatly increase their chances for conversions.

To summarize, the list of companies using Verloop aids sales teams in finding leads by offering targeted, insightful, and relevant data. The list is a powerful tool that equips sales professionals with the necessary information to connect with potential clients who appreciate and are ready to invest in state-of-the-art customer support automation.

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