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Totara is a learning management system (LMS) designed to meet the unique needs of businesses. It is an open-source platform that enables organizations to deliver online training and manage different learning programs for their employees, partners, and customers.

Totara's LMS is highly customizable, allowing companies to tailor the interface and features to suit their specific requirements. The platform supports various types of content, including text, multimedia, interactive quizzes, and surveys, which can be accessed on-demand or as part of scheduled courses.

Totara's reporting and analytics capabilities provide insights into learners' progress and performance, enabling managers to identify areas where employees may need additional training and support. The system also includes gamification features that make learning more engaging and motivating, such as badges, levels, and leaderboards.

In addition, Totara has advanced features for compliance training, including automatic reminders and notifications for expiring certifications and licenses. The platform also allows organizations to track and report on compliance-related activities, such as safety training and policy acknowledgments.

Overall, Totara's LMS is a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline their training programs, increase employee engagement, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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6 companies are currently using Totara


Sinclair College

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5 Employees$22K - $21K$67K united kingdom..56%Export

19 Employees$20K - $41K$99K belgium30%Export
CPDconnect Ltd

2 Employees$33K - $36K$93K united kingdom..83%Export

Your trusted source for C..

- Employees$13K - $36K$77K australia97%Export
GuildEd Learning and Deve..

Community pharmacy: Learn..

- Employees$33K - $18K$98K australia68%Export
MEDskills SA

medical training portal :..

- Employees$17K - $4K$73K switzerland53%Export

Using Totara for finding leads

The catalog of companies using Totara, a renowned learning management system, is a rich resource with high value. It offers critical insight into businesses that invest in digital learning and development, demonstrating their commitment to nurturing talent, enhancing skills, and driving corporate growth. These attributes signal their potential as prospects for businesses offering services or products related to education, training, human resources, and digital transformation.

Exploring the list can provide sales teams with an array of potential leads. Businesses utilizing Totara are likely to be receptive to solutions that enhance, complement, or integrate with their existing learning management system. They may be interested in services that boost employee engagement, improve online course content, or drive more efficient learning outcomes.

Sales teams can use this list to refine their prospecting strategies too. Observing the industries and sectors that predominately employ Totara can help focus efforts on the most promising verticals. Recognizing the business sizes and locations listed might also hint at market trends and growth opportunities.

Additionally, the list strengthens competitive analysis. Identifying shared clients between a company and Totara can highlight similar target audiences, revealing possible avenues for engagement. Alternately, clients unique to Totara might suggest potential untapped markets.

In summary, this list of companies using Totara can be a strategic advantage for sales teams. It offers actionable insight into prospective leads, optimizes prospecting strategies, enhances competitive analysis, and thereby, boosts sales performance and results.

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