Companies using Moodle

Moodle is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) that allows educators to create and manage online courses. It is written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Moodle provides a range of features such as content creation, course management, discussion forums, quizzes, surveys, and grading tools. Educators can use Moodle to design personalized learning experiences that meet the needs of their learners. Moodle also supports integration with external systems through plugins and APIs. With its modular architecture, Moodle can be customized and extended to suit the specific requirements of different learning environments. In summary, Moodle is a versatile and flexible LMS that enables educators to deliver engaging and interactive online courses to learners.

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1,430 companies are currently using Moodle



e-learning platform, trai..

18 Employees$8K - $15K$71K belgium62%Export
R2M de México, S.A. de C...

construimos certidumbre c..

52 Employees$22K - $10K$51K mexico22%Export

building a generation of ..

17 Employees$41K - $28K$81K united states ..11%Export

your elearning partner

54 Employees$38K - $7K$60K ireland55%Export

connecting middle east's ..

3 Employees$13K - $31K$77K united arab em..27%Export

providing free, high qual..

10 Employees$40K - $40K$59K united kingdom..31%Export
Learn Brands

the cannabis industry tra..

7 Employees$11K - $10K$88K united states ..28%Export
La Cooperativa Humanitari..

raising awareness

9 Employees$26K - $36K$97K spain3%Export
Yatharthriti IT Services ..

leading e-learning softwa..

37 Employees$48K - $31K$96K india43%Export
Dual Code Inc.

9 Employees$48K - $41K$81K canada37%Export
The Copia (DMC Worldwide)..

2 Employees$10K - $40K$86K united states ..63%Export
Charleston Catholic High ..

scholarship ● leadership ..

21 Employees$33K - $10K$91K united states ..90%Export

ayudamos a su empresa a c..

11 Employees$32K - $5K$74K spain27%Export
Drive Performance

sales performance, custom..

9 Employees$45K - $19K$73K united states ..98%Export

learn languages from any ..

8 Employees$44K - $6K$64K latvia82%Export

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Using Moodle for finding leads

The provided list of companies using Moodle presents an invaluable resource for sales teams. It narrows down the vast market to a more manageable segment, organizations likely to be interested in tools, services, or products that complement or enhance a Moodle-based environment.

One key benefit of this list is the efficient way it empowers prospecting. Rather than spending time and resources canvassing a broad swath of companies, sales teams can focus on those that already demonstrate an interest in or commitment to Moodle as a Learning Management System (LMS). This can result in highly focused sales pitches and customized proposals, thereby leading to potentially higher conversion rates.

Additionally, being aware of the extent and diversity of Moodle's usage can help sales teams understand common pain points and usage patterns. This context can feed into product development, service refinement, and marketing strategies. It's an insight that can help sales teams to be proactive and solution-oriented.

Furthermore, the directory can serve as a source of inspiration to uncover untapped sectors or markets. By studying the companies on this list, sales teams might identify patterns or sectors that heavily rely on Moodle. These insights can then guide targeted marketing in sectors where their solutions are yet to be fully utilized.

Please note this list can enhance the qualifying process, becoming an essential tool in a data-driven sales strategy. Companies on this roster are predetermined to have a need in the education technology area. This represents an opportunity to target communication and offers towards their specific needs, as it relates to Moodle.

Therefore, the organization and allocation of resources can be significantly improved when targeting Moodle users. This directly translates to a more effective and efficient lead prospecting, potent sales pitches, and potentially higher conversion rates.

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