Companies using Chamilo

Chamilo is an open-source software platform designed for e-learning and collaboration management. It is a learning management system that can be used to create, manage and deliver online courses, training programs, and educational content. Chamilo offers a variety of features including course creation, scheduling, assessment tools, and student management.

Chamilo also provides communication features such as messaging, video conferencing, and forums to support collaboration and interaction between students and instructors. As an open-source platform, Chamilo allows users to customize the software to meet their specific needs and provides a large community of users who contribute to its development and support.

Overall, Chamilo aims to provide a user-friendly and flexible e-learning environment for students, teachers, and administrators.

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26 companies are currently using Chamilo


Chamilo Association

improving corporate train..

7 Employees$44K - $26K$58K spain75%Export
Up Academy

up academy is an academy ..

6 Employees$40K - $36K$91K egypt72%Export

to teachers & content cre..

1 Employees$47K - $12K$68K united states ..81%Export
Londinium Centre

academia de inglés. star..

4 Employees$48K - $8K$64K spain57%Export

formation et prestation d..

2 Employees$41K - $3K$82K france92%Export

formación e-learning técn..

1 Employees$37K - $1K$74K spain90%Export

Información y Capacitació..

5 Employees$46K - $11K$61K peru10%Export
Londinium Center

Academia de inglés. Centr..

2 Employees$9K - $28K$59K spain80%Export
Brightway Tuition

we are teachers

1 Employees$9K - $45K$92K ghana88%Export
Robin & fils

plomberie - chauffage - é..

2 Employees$14K - $38K$82K france22%Export

4 Employees$11K - $12K$66K australia65%Export

53 Employees$36K - $9K$56K colombia92%Export
Accede Internacional

Accede Internacional - Di..

1 Employees$27K - $30K$68K -86%Export
Centro de Capacitación Vi..

Educación virtual que nac..

4 Employees$40K - $16K$69K honduras99%Export

La prima digital startup ..

- Employees$23K - $9K$64K -94%Export

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Using Chamilo for finding leads

The list of companies using Chamilo serves as a vital resource for sales teams aiming to identify new business opportunities. These teams can leverage this list to uncover potential leads that already understand the value of e-Learning solutions, reducing the time and effort needed to explain the advantages of such technology.

Firstly, the list offers the opportunity to single out companies that acknowledge the importance of lifelong learning and continual professional development. Any company using Chamilo is clearly invested in advancing the skills and knowledge of its workforce. Thus, such companies may be open to other products or services designed to enhance learning and development.

Secondly, the use of Chamilo can suggest a company's size. Typically, larger enterprises have more resources to devote to comprehensive learning management systems, and they may be open to exploring additional solutions to further streamline their processes or enhance their employee's skills.

Further, firms using Chamilo might be more technologically advanced, indicating a readiness for additional digital solutions. By pinpointing this forward-thinking set, sales teams can tailor their pitches more effectively, focusing on the innovative features of their own offerings.

Understanding a company's use of Chamilo can also suggest particular industry sectors that champion e-Learning. This can help sales teams fine-tune their prospecting to target industries showing higher acceptance of such solutions.

Lastly, this list may highlight geographic trends. Sales teams can pinpoint regions with a high concentration of Chamilo users, suggesting a local culture that values digital learning tools. This could influence the localization strategy of a sales campaign.

In sum, a list of companies using Chamilo can be a valuable asset to sales teams. It offers insights on company size, industry, technological readiness, and geographic trends, facilitating a more targeted and effective lead generation.

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