Companies using Huddle

Huddle is a digital product agency located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They specialize in developing and designing custom software solutions for both startups and enterprises. Their expertise includes creating e-learning products, community platforms, and mobile applications.

8 companies are currently using Huddle


Biophilic Design Academy

samen bouwen aan een bete..

3 Employees$34K - $33K$88K netherlands81%Export
Je Moet Niks® - ACT & Lee..

niet voor even, maar voor..

54 Employees$24K - $41K$80K netherlands30%Export
Peanuts Strategie & Acade..

peanuts marketing helpt m..

4 Employees$2K - $11K$67K netherlands91%Export
Huddle BV

het meestgebruikte learni..

10 Employees$40K - $31K$98K netherlands58%Export

1 Employees$48K - $19K$89K belgium30%Export
Maak Meters Community

🔹️Maak Meters Community ..

- Employees$46K - $34K$78K netherlands47%Export
365 Business Platform

Together we can do great ..

- Employees$20K - $38K$83K netherlands82%Export
Peanuts academie

De academie voor alles op..

- Employees$27K - $25K$65K netherlands11%Export

Using Huddle for finding leads

This valuable list of companies that utilize Huddle can serve as an important resource for sales team across diverse industries. Offering insight into businesses embracing contemporary digital solutions, the list highlights a pool of potential leads who have demonstrated a commitment to leveraging technology for growth and competitive advantage.

The compilation is a powerful lead prospecting tool. Sales teams can leverage this tool to segment the market, tailor their outreach, and engage with prospects who already understand and value digital transformation. Utilization of Huddle is representative of a company's inclination toward technological innovation - indicating a higher likelihood of being receptive to offers for other cutting-edge solutions or services.

Moreover, by focusing on leads that are already engaged in the digital ecosystem and appreciate its value, sales teams can streamline their process, saving time and effort that might be spent on less receptive prospects. They can effectively identify businesses that are likely in need of complementary solutions, upselling opportunities, or potential platform enhancements.

Furthermore, this list can help sales teams shape their sales pitches and strategy. By understanding the use cases and applications of Huddle among the listed companies, they can better highlight relevant features and benefits of their own offerings.

A key advantage of targeted lead prospecting is the ability to enhance communication strategies. If a prospect is featured on this list, sales teams gain a better understanding of their business challenges and the digital solutions they perceive as valuable. This could empower the sales teams to craft compelling messaging that speaks to the prospect's needs and interests.

Overall, this list of companies using Huddle can afford unprecedented insight and efficiency to sales teams, maximising their potential to identify and engage with high-quality leads.

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