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Theatre.js is a JavaScript-based animation library, comprising a comprehensive professional motion design toolkit. This library is specifically designed to allow developers to construct complex animations and manage those animations in a timeline-driven environment, similar to animation tools found in software like Adobe After Effects.

An important feature of Theatre.js is that it offers a timeline-centric approach to animation. This means that rather than just altering the state of an object from one state to another, Theatre.js can control how an object changes over time and display the animations in a timeline interface. This can be particularly useful when dealing with sophisticated animations which require precise timing and sequencing.

Theatre.js also shines in its ability to allow live editing of animations. The animations created with it can be tweaked and edited in real-time, giving it great flexibility, and making it useful for working in a dynamic, interactive development environment. In addition, it supports keyframing, easing, sequencing, and many more animation concepts, which makes it a powerful tool for creating what are usually considered advanced animations.

To understand how the library is used, each property of an object that needs to be animated is assigned as a property of a 'track' object. Each track object is then assigned to a 'clip', which can be played on a timeline. Multiple clips can be sequenced or played in parallel on this timeline to create complex, sequenced animations. Additionally, properties of these objects can be live edited, allowing continual tweaking of the animations.

Theatre.js relies on JavaScript's powerful and flexible object model, and can animate any JavaScript object. This includes HTML elements, WebGL objects, or any other custom objects developers might need to animate. Furthermore, it is designed to be compatible with other libraries and frameworks, providing a robust and adaptable toolset for various projects.

In essence, Theatre.js provides a professional-grade motion design toolset built for JavaScript, enabling developers to create complex, timeline-based animations with rich features, while also maintaining the flexibility typical of the JavaScript ecosystem.

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16 companies are currently using Theatre.js


Skylo Technologies

connect anything. anywher..

82 Employees$5K - $33K$84K united states ..23%Export

we turn renewable electri..

33 Employees$8K - $40K$74K united states ..92%Export
RRE Ventures

rre is a venture capital ..

55 Employees$46K - $19K$96K united states ..11%Export
Reliable Robotics Corpora..

expanding access to more ..

139 Employees$42K - $27K$54K united states ..36%Export

digital realities

29 Employees$36K - $12K$94K italy57%Export

evm and blockchain intero..

25 Employees$33K - $30K$59K germany12%Export
Paff Studios

Tell us about your goals,..

10 Employees$43K - $46K$88K türkiye5%Export

turning data into tasks, ..

3 Employees$28K - $12K$90K netherlands44%Export

leading metaverse consult..

5 Employees$17K - $33K$83K india63%Export

powering beautiful and im..

8 Employees$42K - $40K$94K united states ..95%Export

transforming interaction ..

10 Employees$8K - $15K$76K argentina49%Export

A membership club for sto..

2 Employees$17K - $42K$74K sweden94%Export
Mittaria Metaverse

a home for creators and a..

8 Employees$10K - $34K$80K -7%Export

revolutionizing healthcar..

- Employees$30K - $17K$83K -24%Export
Best Way For Artists And ..

- Employees$14K - $13K$53K brazil21%Export

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Using Theatre.js for finding leads

The list of companies that employ Theatre.js technology offers a significant resource for sales teams looking to find leads. These companies have recognized the exceptional capabilities of a professional-grade JavaScript animation library and have integrated Theatre.js into their operations. The list represents a consolidated group of businesses actively investing in innovative web technologies and provides a good starting point for discovering opportunities.

Sales teams can leverage this list to identify prospects in a range of industries - from web development and graphic design to digital marketing and e-commerce. Each company on the list not only has shown an inclination towards adopting new technologies but also appreciates the value of superior animations to enhance their digital presence. Consequently, these companies may be open to proposals that align with their commitment to technological advancement and sophisticated web aesthetics.

Given the presence of big names and smaller enterprises alike, this list can provide a wide range of prospecting opportunities. Larger companies may need more extensive solutions or development services. Smaller businesses might be looking to scale, needing additional tools or APIs compatible with Theatre.js. Furthermore, companies using Theatre.js have demonstrated their preference for tools that offer professional features and high-quality outputs - a valuable insight that can guide the sales strategy.

In essence, the list of Theatre.js users offers a curated selection of prospective clients for sales teams, bypassing the initial step of identifying companies open to innovative tech solutions. By tapping into this resource, sales teams can streamline their prospecting process, improving efficiency and potentially accelerating sales performance.

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