Companies using is a JavaScript library that enables real-time, bidirectional communication between a client (usually a web browser) and a server. It uses WebSocket protocol when available, and falls back to other protocols like AJAX long polling if WebSocket is not supported by the client or server. allows for event-driven communication between the client and server, where either side can emit events and the other can listen for them. This makes it useful for applications that require real-time updating, such as chat applications or online gaming. also supports rooms and namespaces, which allow for grouping clients and selectively sending messages to specific groups. It is compatible with various platforms and technologies, including Node.js, React, and Angular. is open-source and actively maintained by the community.

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14,796 companies are currently using



building the future of be..

55 Employees$45K - $22K$76K united kingdom..88%Export
DynamiCare Health

technology targeting subs..

26 Employees$42K - $48K$70K united states ..11%Export

all-in-one recruiting crm..

56 Employees$17K - $50K$61K united states ..67%Export
Seventh Generation

we’re on a mission to nur..

166 Employees$41K - $8K$56K united states ..80%Export
The Sola Company

avid #lowcarb foodies giv..

14 Employees$44K - $50K$68K united states ..12%Export

jolt is software that hel..

185 Employees$10K - $28K$81K united states ..16%Export
kompany, a Moody's Analyt..

The world’s leading RegTe..

79 Employees$2K - $14K$80K austria99%Export

helping retailers and bra..

15 Employees$46K - $27K$96K united kingdom..6%Export

a tech-enabled consulting..

47 Employees$7K - $24K$97K united states ..77%Export

shipnext your cargo!

22 Employees$9K - $12K$94K belgium94%Export

invest in private equity,..

112 Employees$32K - $30K$80K united states ..37%Export
Supply Wisdom

supply wisdom is how comp..

112 Employees$12K - $48K$69K united states ..12%Export

creating thoughtfully des..

14 Employees$41K - $29K$65K united states ..18%Export
FuseBase (formerly Nimbus..

real-time collaboration, ..

43 Employees$17K - $9K$91K united states ..95%Export
Renntech, Inc.

performance without compr..

34 Employees$15K - $44K$61K united states ..85%Export

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