Companies using Stimulus

Stimulus is a lightweight JavaScript framework that allows developers to enhance their existing HTML web pages with minimal effort. It aims to simplify the process of writing JavaScript code and makes it easier to add interactivity to a website. With Stimulus, developers can write small pieces of JavaScript code called "controllers" that target specific elements in their HTML, adding behavior and interactivity to them. Stimulus also provides a number of built-in features such as lifecycle events and data attributes that simplify the process of creating dynamic web applications.

Unlike other JavaScript frameworks like React or Angular, Stimulus doesn't require developers to build complex components or learn new syntax. Instead, it focuses on enhancing the HTML already present in a web page using data attributes and controllers. This makes it a great choice for developers looking to improve the user experience of an existing web page without having to rewrite the entire thing.

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413,109 companies are currently using Stimulus


Nantum AI

nantum ai is an award-win..

39 Employees$4K - $24K$66K united states ..61%Export

fda-cleared spatial compu..

38 Employees$11K - $17K$55K united states ..61%Export
She Built This City

empowering women of all a..

12 Employees$18K - $29K$51K united states ..27%Export
Clerkenwell Health

leading psychedelic speci..

30 Employees$23K - $35K$63K united kingdom..25%Export
Cloud Range

virtual cyber range for c..

22 Employees$18K - $30K$73K united states ..53%Export
Full Fat Agency

a creative communications..

20 Employees$33K - $5K$58K united kingdom..45%Export
King Operating Corporatio..

experience the upside of ..

43 Employees$41K - $26K$91K united states ..28%Export
Sourcemap: the Supply Cha..

the leading provider of t..

77 Employees$29K - $7K$86K united states ..20%Export
NewAmsterdam Pharma Corpo..

newamsterdam pharma corpo..

47 Employees$25K - $38K$58K united states ..55%Export

we combine design thinkin..

48 Employees$2K - $4K$97K united states ..38%Export
Eclipse Foods

cowlessly creamy

26 Employees$21K - $11K$87K united states ..17%Export

ai that you own. accelera..

22 Employees$33K - $40K$99K switzerland53%Export

revolutionizing returns

20 Employees$37K - $6K$74K united states ..5%Export

software suite for comple..

43 Employees$24K - $3K$96K united states ..97%Export
DynamiCare Health

technology targeting subs..

26 Employees$13K - $14K$79K united states ..82%Export

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Using Stimulus for finding leads

The list of companies using Stimulus on this page represents a valuable resource, instrumental in assisting sales teams to pinpoint potential leads. Each company presented is a testament to the efficiency and functionality of Stimulus; moreover, they indicate a proclivity for seeking out innovative tech solutions to enhance their digital presence and operations.

Sales teams can benefit from this list in several ways:

  1. Finding Endorsements: These companies serve as indirect endorsements of Stimulus. By illustrating that established companies trust and use Stimulus, sales teams can leverage this information to encourage prospective clients to adopt this technology.

  2. Recognizing Prospects: By identifying the characteristics of companies that use Stimulus, sales teams can highlight other businesses with similar characteristics that are yet to adopt this technology. Such prospects are likely to see value in Stimulus and become promising leads.

  3. Informed Approach: Understanding a company's technology stack can provide precious insight into its ethos and preferences, allowing for a more informed and targeted sales approach. A winning strategy might thus be to demonstrate how Stimulus complements or enhances their existing tech stack.

  4. Networking: Companies using Stimulus are likely participating in related communities, events, or discussions. Such platforms could open up opportunities for networking and finding potential leads.

  5. Market Analysis: This list can aid in understanding Stimulus's presence in various sectors, providing key data for market analysis. Hence, sales teams can focus their efforts on sectors where Stimulus holds strong appeal.

The listed companies' exploration and successful use of Stimulus also suggests a high value they place on maintaining modern digital interfaces. Each one potentially represents a lead for other products or services that align with this value, offering sales teams a rich seam to mine for potential business opportunity.

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