Companies using MooTools

MooTools is a JavaScript framework that provides a collection of reusable and extendable code modules for building interactive web applications. It offers features such as DOM manipulation, animations, event handling, and AJAX communication. MooTools follows Object-Oriented Programming principles which allow developers to create modular and scalable code. It also includes a set of utility functions and plugins that simplify common programming tasks. MooTools emphasizes on flexibility, performance, and browser compatibility, supporting modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. It has a modular architecture which enables developers to select only the required components for their project and optimize the performance. MooTools was initially released in 2006 and became popular among developers due to its readability, syntax simplicity, and powerful functionality. Despite being less popular than other JavaScript frameworks like jQuery or React, MooTools still has an active community and is used by some companies and developers for creating web applications.

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155,422 companies are currently using MooTools


Golden Software

transforming data into kn..

31 Employees$4K - $45K$92K united states ..18%Export
The American Association ..

dedicated to advancing th..

42 Employees$38K - $44K$56K united states ..69%Export
The Korea Society

dedicated to the promotio..

57 Employees$41K - $30K$90K united states ..36%Export
Coatema Coating Machinery..

from lab2fab

35 Employees$8K - $41K$94K germany73%Export
eVent Medical, Ltd

advancing technology for ..

35 Employees$48K - $42K$51K united states ..52%Export
Calnex Solutions

world-leaders in telecomm..

148 Employees$44K - $27K$90K united kingdom..20%Export
Condition Monitoring Serv..

we specialize in supporti..

22 Employees$33K - $39K$57K united states ..4%Export

rec 2 rec at it's very be..

11 Employees$40K - $33K$65K united kingdom..83%Export
Jordan Sheppard Ltd

global executive search w..

20 Employees$43K - $17K$53K united kingdom..9%Export

we are the talent consult..

28 Employees$21K - $6K$62K united kingdom..28%Export
Moriati Digital Recruitme..

with over 30 years experi..

13 Employees$31K - $36K$96K united kingdom..2%Export
iRiS Recruiting Solutions..

looking for what’s next b..

56 Employees$6K - $37K$67K united states ..59%Export
Women in Electronics

women and men united to p..

15 Employees$48K - $22K$89K united states ..47%Export
Arista Security

bridging the network and ..

48 Employees$5K - $34K$92K united states ..9%Export

legal recruiting, expert ..

33 Employees$19K - $7K$77K united states ..25%Export

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Using MooTools for finding leads

Discover a special collection of companies leveraging MooTools in their tech stack. This handy list plays a significant role in prospecting efforts as it grants clarity over who the potential buyers might be, specifically those using MooTools. For organizations offering complementary or supportive technology solutions, this pool of leads is very targeted and can contribute to significantly higher conversion rates.

Sales teams find immense value in such lists. It gives them ready access to a pre-determined market, one that has already shown interest in similar technology – MooTools in this case. They can design highly focused marketing campaigns that cater directly to the needs and interests of these businesses, hence, increasing the likelihood of engagement and successful conversion. That's where the potential of a technology users list comes to the forefront.

Understanding what technologies a company consumes can shed light on their potential needs and pain points. MooTools users might be in the market for related technologies like alternative JavaScript libraries, web design tools, development platforms, or professional services which provide MooTools support. Knowing that they've chosen MooTools can aid sales teams in crafting precise, appealing talking points and solutions, making the sales process more efficient and potentially improving the chances of closing the deal.

In addition, for product management and development teams, this list can help in designing products or features that can integrate well with MooTools or enhance its utility for the users. This strategic insight amplifies their capacity to offer relevant, compatible solutions that meet the distinct demands of this identified market.

Further, for market researchers and analysts, observing the companies on the MooTools users list can provide invaluable insights into trends, market demands, competition, and potential gaps in the market that can be explored.

In essence, a well-curated list of companies using MooTools provides a resourceful starting point - a ready-made 'hot list' for prospecting activities, allowing sales teams to focus their resources efficiently, paving the way for more fruitful engagements and ultimately, driving business growth.

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