Companies using Backbone.js

Backbone.js is a JavaScript library that provides a framework for creating structured and maintainable client-side web applications. It helps developers organize code by providing models to represent data, views to render the user interface, and controllers to handle user actions. Backbone.js also includes an event system that allows objects to communicate with each other without direct references, making it easier to manage complex logic. It is lightweight and flexible, allowing developers to use other libraries or frameworks alongside it. With its emphasis on separating concerns and promoting modularity, Backbone.js is ideal for building single-page applications that require frequent updates and interactions with the server.

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178,278 companies are currently using Backbone.js



bring simulation to life

35 Employees$32K - $16K$60K united states ..66%Export

your health data is so mu..

35 Employees$39K - $45K$93K united states ..16%Export
Meridian Institute

meridian builds understan..

97 Employees$16K - $34K$73K united states ..6%Export
NEMO Equipment

adventure anywhere. adven..

55 Employees$19K - $38K$90K united states ..31%Export
The Ricky Joy Company

together, we make your dr..

30 Employees$34K - $16K$74K united states ..84%Export

risk never sleeps

39 Employees$50K - $41K$88K united states ..88%Export

creating green alternativ..

38 Employees$50K - $3K$84K united states ..63%Export
Gear Patrol

for life's pursuits™

61 Employees$49K - $16K$63K united states ..34%Export

world-class branding. cl..

31 Employees$20K - $19K$99K united states ..1%Export
Generator Media + Analyti..

generator media + analyti..

47 Employees$49K - $40K$81K united states ..48%Export
Altix Consulting

business strategy and ope..

40 Employees$37K - $6K$97K united states ..49%Export

a cybersecurity saas solu..

12 Employees$8K - $39K$79K united states ..69%Export
Tagger by Sprout Social

The #1 all-in-one, data-d..

84 Employees$11K - $10K$94K united states ..47%Export
Helix Biostructures

a structural biology cro ..

11 Employees$24K - $29K$95K united states ..66%Export
Artificial, Inc.

making the digital labora..

40 Employees$19K - $20K$95K united states ..72%Export

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Using Backbone.js for finding leads

The list of companies using Backbone.js showcases a pool of prospective leads that are committed to enhanced client-side applications. These companies prioritize streamlined structure and efficiency in web development, as evidenced by their usage of this particular JavaScript library.

Sales teams can use this curated list to refine their strategies and target their outreach. By knowing which companies utilize Backbone.js, sales professionals can specifically tailor their offerings and solutions to resonate with those companies' tech preferences or branch out to similar technologies. This provides potential for more meaningful interactions, as it takes into account the backbone of a target company's approach to web development.

For organizations that offer services or products that interplay with Backbone.js, this list is invaluable. Precise targeting leads to improved conversion rates and return on sales effort. Hence, the list of companies using Backbone.js is an essential resource for streamlined and efficient prospecting.

Also, understanding their prospects' tech stack can provide critical insights for sales teams into any potential pain points these companies may be experiencing. This allows for more effective solution-selling, as they can propose products or services aligning with or improving upon their use of Backbone.js.

In summary, the list of companies relying on Backbone.js can provide a significant advantage for sales teams in their quest to acquire new leads. This curated information enhances lead targeting, tailored solution-selling, and overall sales efficiency.

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