Companies using shine.js

Shine.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that adds realistic, dynamic lighting effects to HTML content. It creates a glowing effect on specified elements by adding a light source and a reflection at the bottom of the element. Shine.js is easy to use and customizable, as it allows developers to adjust the size, color, and intensity of the light source. The library uses CSS3 transitions and transforms to create smooth animations and works on all modern browsers. Shine.js can be used to add visual interest to various types of web content, including logos, buttons, headings, and images.

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267 companies are currently using shine.js



at clevyr, we create data..

37 Employees$16K - $39K$56K united states ..75%Export
Nanolive SA

capture dynamic, unbiased..

63 Employees$41K - $20K$94K switzerland8%Export
L'Nique Specialty Linen

19 Employees$26K - $14K$52K united states ..29%Export
Tri-Win Direct

print and mail experts

31 Employees$49K - $34K$80K united states ..2%Export

technovator – wireless po..

13 Employees$29K - $45K$94K poland48%Export
SV CASA | SV Internationa..

luxury hotel & home acces..

7 Employees$24K - $49K$61K hong kong34%Export
VERA Consulting

15 Employees$36K - $22K$54K italy96%Export

nouvel opérateur hôtelier..

6 Employees$31K - $2K$55K france43%Export
Lily Jewellery Manufactur..

custom jewellery design &..

3 Employees$2K - $46K$68K canada53%Export
John Sheppard Butchers lt..

3rd generation family-own..

11 Employees$23K - $38K$78K united kingdom..25%Export

nous sommes une société d..

8 Employees$43K - $48K$56K france100%Export

complémentaires santé, as..

42 Employees$25K - $23K$75K france60%Export

self service or managed d..

20 Employees$45K - $43K$89K united states ..26%Export
Croasdaile Dental Arts

Dentistry That’s All Abou..

7 Employees$26K - $21K$86K united states ..58%Export
Conservation Contractors ..

where common sense is sti..

5 Employees$19K - $9K$53K united kingdom..50%Export

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Using shine.js for finding leads

This curated list offers significant value as it encapsulates a variety of companies utilizing shine.js, a potent javascript library for interactive shadow effects. This handpicked compilation aids sales teams by providing them crucial insight into potential customers that value cutting-edge web technologies.

Sales teams could strategically approach these companies knowing they prioritize enhancing user experience with sophisticated web interfaces. These organizations are likely committed to investing in novel technologies, marking them as leads that potentially value innovative solutions.

Moreover, the list encourages networking with different businesses operating in distinct sectors. This approach provides sales teams an opportunity to diversify their stratagem, reaching a larger, more varied audience.

Besides, understanding the industries in which shine.js is adopted could uncover business arenas with an inclination towards interactive website designs. This perception could fuel strategic decision making, such as individualizing sales pitches, creating better product offering strategies, or even developing new market penetration plans.

Finally, the list of companies using shine.js is continuously updated, keeping the sales teams abreast of the dynamic market trends and potential prospects. Consequently, bolstering their capacity to approach the right businesses at the right time. The long-term benefits of this targeted lead generation are manifold—conversion of high-quality leads, maximized sales productivity, increased revenue, and sustained business growth.

In essence, this list of companies utilizing shine.js can be a valuable asset for sales teams, offering a focused, market-sensitive, and dynamic means to discover and engage high-potential leads with a liking for innovative web technologies.

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