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Protovis is a JavaScript library that allows developers to create interactive visualizations for the web. It was originally developed by Stanford University's Visualization Group and released in 2009 as an open-source project.

The library provides a set of APIs that allow developers to create custom graphics and animations using a declarative syntax that is similar to CSS. Protovis uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and HTML5 Canvas to render graphics on the screen, making it compatible with modern web browsers.

One of the key features of Protovis is its ability to handle large datasets and create dynamic visualizations that respond to user input. Developers can use the library to create interactive charts, maps, and other types of data-driven graphics that enable users to explore and understand information in new ways.

Protovis has been used in a variety of applications, including scientific research, data journalism, and business intelligence. Its flexibility and ease of use have made it a popular choice among developers who want to create rich, interactive visualizations for the web.

However, it's worth noting that Protovis is no longer actively maintained, and developers may want to consider using more modern libraries such as D3.js or Vega-Lite for their visualization needs. Nonetheless, Protovis remains a valuable tool for those looking to create interactive graphics on the web.

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5 companies are currently using Protovis


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3 Employees$26K - $20K$70K netherlands3%Export
THINKWARE Corporation

29 Employees$11K - $27K$82K korea, republi..89%Export

63 Employees$8K - $18K$66K korea, republi..58%Export
Bayerisches Finanz Zentru..

- Employees$43K - $43K$66K -51%Export
Pharma Trek Pvt Ltd - Ind..

- Employees$37K - $35K$63K india79%Export

Using Protovis for finding leads

The provided list of companies using Protovis encapsulates the real-time market scenario and paves the path towards curated lead prospecting. It streamlines the job of sales teams, enabling them to identify potential businesses that are already familiar with this technology and could be interested in similar advanced solutions.

The value in such a list is manifold. It serves as a rich, consolidated database from which tailored outreach efforts can be launched, saving time on blind market scanning. The fact that these companies utilize Protovis sheds light on their tech-savviness, inclination towards data visualization software, and potential demand for related products or services.

Predicating on the company size and industry, sales teams can segment the list to better focus their efforts. For instance, startups listed may be interested in flexible, scalable solutions, while larger corporations might prioritize robust, enterprise-grade offerings.

Moreover, by analyzing the characteristics of these Protovis users, a sales team can finetune their approach, from positioning to communication style, to resonate better with their target audience. Also, the list could assist in forecasting future trends in the Protovis market and emerging sectors, providing valuable insights for strategic planning.

Hence, the ability to quickly identify and connect with the right companies using Protovis creates more valuable opportunities, heightens the effectiveness of marketing efforts, and ultimately drives higher sales conversions. It's a potent resource for any sales team aspiring to optimize their lead generation endeavors.

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