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Companies using OpenBSD httpd

OpenBSD httpd is a lightweight and secure web server that was introduced in OpenBSD 5.6. It is an alternative to the popular Apache and Nginx web servers and is designed to be simple, easy to configure, and highly secure.

One of the key features of OpenBSD httpd is its focus on security. The developers have taken a proactive approach to security by using a minimalist design, writing code in a safe subset of C, and implementing strict security protocols. For example, httpd runs in a chrooted environment with reduced privileges and uses privilege separation to limit the impact of potential security vulnerabilities.

Another important feature of OpenBSD httpd is its simplicity. The configuration file is written in a clear and concise format, making it easy for administrators to set up the server and make changes as needed. OpenBSD httpd also supports virtual hosts, SSL/TLS encryption, and FastCGI.

OpenBSD httpd has proven to be a reliable and performant web server, capable of handling high traffic loads while consuming minimal system resources. It is also designed to be compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Linux, BSD, and macOS.

Overall, OpenBSD httpd is a powerful and secure web server that offers an alternative to more complex and resource-intensive options. It is well-suited for small to medium-sized environments that require high levels of security and reliability, and for administrators who value simplicity and ease of use.

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170 companies are currently using OpenBSD httpd


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Using OpenBSD httpd for finding leads

Understanding the benefits of a list of companies using OpenBSD httpd can make it a valuable tool for lead prospecting.

Sales teams can utilize this list to identify businesses that prioritize security, simplicity, and stability in their web technologies. OpenBSD httpd, operating as a web server, exudes these qualities. As a result, the businesses using this technology likely share these traits, making for a specific customer profile that could be valuable to niche products or services.

The list may also consist of companies that place ongoing support and slow, steady development in high regard. OpenBSD httpd's suitably diligent developmental philosophy associates itself with businesses that appreciate long-term stability over trendy features.

Sales teams could use this data to establish a preliminary analysis of the company's technology strategy, enabling them to tailor their sales pitch to resonate with these specific businesses' philosophies and needs. For instance, if a sales team represented a security-focused product or service, they'd have a fair assumption that businesses using OpenBSD httpd might be interested.

Additionally, being able to identify businesses that are confident enough to use a less commonly used web server in OpenBSD httpd indicates that they might be open to other lesser-known, boutique or specialized solutions. This list of companies could prove invaluable to sales teams representing products or services that stand outside mainstream offerings.

Overall, a list of companies using OpenBSD httpd provides sales teams with a focused and defined market, potentially increasing their prospects' relevance and the efficiency of their lead generation efforts. Even more, it offers a starting point for strategic conversation around security, stability, and business strategy, which could lead to a richer, more meaningful engagement with potential leads.

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