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Obsidian Incentivize is a tool designed to boost the average order size of an online store. It achieves this by suggesting complementary or related products ("cross-sell") and upgrades ("upsell") during the customer's checkout process, encouraging them to add more items to their cart than they initially intended.

Additionally, Obsidian Incentivize uses personalized product recommendations based on the customer's browsing history and purchase behavior to increase the likelihood of them making additional purchases. By providing customers with relevant and personalized suggestions, businesses can drive revenue growth while also enhancing the customer experience.

Overall, Obsidian Incentivize provides online stores with an effective way to increase sales and profits without requiring significant changes to their existing operations.

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18 companies are currently using Obsidian Incentivize



manufacturer of the most ..

18 Employees$31K - $34K$72K united states ..64%Export
Slick Gorilla

"the king of hair product..

13 Employees$5K - $18K$77K united kingdom..38%Export

great hammocks for a bala..

56 Employees$7K - $9K$85K germany31%Export

an independent london des..

3 Employees$33K - $14K$53K united kingdom..39%Export
Extend Nutrition

the blood sugar control e..

5 Employees$41K - $33K$87K united states ..47%Export
Surebonder by FPC Corpora..

stick with the best! sell..

179 Employees$5K - $47K$65K united states ..49%Export
Mo Bro's Grooming Co.

premium beard care produc..

3 Employees$26K - $9K$61K united kingdom..31%Export
Pixie Mood

consciously leather-less...

10 Employees$3K - $23K$80K canada15%Export
Anton Heunis - Erdvark De..

8 Employees$12K - $14K$99K spain96%Export

100% radio controlled - e..

4 Employees$13K - $33K$94K denmark74%Export

we offer the highest qual..

3 Employees$33K - $19K$99K spain33%Export
LA SIESTA - The Hammock C..

21 Employees$46K - $16K$73K germany82%Export
Varlo Inc

we design and engineer be..

7 Employees$13K - $17K$86K united states ..21%Export
Crisiswear Clothing

2 Employees$39K - $31K$87K united states ..6%Export
Love Kiri Skincare

simple yet powerful targe..

1 Employees$7K - $20K$99K united kingdom..59%Export

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Using Obsidian Incentivize for finding leads

This list of companies is an invaluable resource for sales teams looking to identify new potential clients. Companies using Obsidian Incentivize are clearly invested in maximizing their sales effectiveness, indicating that they are serious about improving their revenue generation strategies. This provides ample opportunities for products or services that align with this goal.

When interacting with companies on this list, a sales team is already provided with the context of their interest in enhancing sales strategies. This allows teams to craft more effective and personalized pitches, directly addressing how their product or service can further augment the company's efforts in increasing their average order size.

The list highlights the breadth of companies that recognize the value of in-cart upsells, cross-sells, and personalized product recommendations. Whether a company is large or small, each of them is investing in this technology. This delineates an atmosphere of shared understanding, making it easier for a sales team to communicate the value of their product or service.

Overall, this list can potentially expedite and enhance the lead generation process. As it narrows down the vast spectrum of businesses to those with a demonstrated commitment to enhancing their sales strategies, it can significantly boost the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process. A sales team can confidently approach these entities knowing they already value and employ advanced sales techniques, paving the way for mutual beneficial discussions.

The list can further be used for competitive analysis and market research, assisting sales teams to identify emerging trends, analyze competitive landscapes, and get insights on the companies that are making substantial strides in increasing their sales performance.

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