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`nghttpx` is an HTTP/2 proxy server that can be used to improve the performance of web applications. It allows clients to connect to a server using HTTP/2, even if the server does not support this protocol. `nghttpx` supports HTTP/2, HTTP/1.1 and TLS encryption.

As a proxy server, `nghttpx` receives requests from clients and forwards them to backend servers. The backend servers can be configured using various load balancing algorithms such as round-robin or least connections.

`nghttpx` also includes several features to improve the performance of web applications. For example, it can cache content and compress responses before sending them to clients. It can also prioritize HTTP/2 streams based on their importance and reduce latency by using server push.

Overall, `nghttpx` is a powerful tool for improving the speed and reliability of web applications that use HTTP/2.

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Using nghttpx - HTTP/2 proxy for finding leads

This list of companies utilizing nghttpx - HTTP/2 proxy delivers a valuable resource for sales teams. Unveiling businesses that embrace this advanced web technology can spotlight potential leads who clearly prioritize the optimization of their online functionality. These are enterprises that value the advanced features, high efficiency, and improved performance offered by nghttpx, making them probable prospects for related products or services.

Sales teams can strategize their approach based on the specific adoption of nghttpx. They can foresee the company's technical needs, the various challenges they might be facing, and their possible growth trajectory. By focusing on this targeted group of companies, outreaches can become more tailored, accurate, and effective.

For sales teams offering web technologies, performance tools, or consulting services, the list can stimulate a multitude of business opportunities. It can enable sales efforts to be directed towards businesses that already understand and appreciate the value of top-performing web technologies like nghttpx. Taking into consideration these companies' implementation of such a technology indicates their readiness to invest in digital innovation, positioning them as perfect leads for sales teams that target tech-forward companies.

Moreover, the list is instrumental in recognizing larger market movements and trends. By monitoring companies joining or leaving this list, one can track shifts that might influence product development, competitive positioning, or sales strategies.

In conclusion, the list of companies using nghttpx - HTTP/2 proxy is a powerful tool for sales teams. It offers a thorough understanding of potential leads who are invested in utilizing advanced web technologies and provides valuable insights that can guide a successful sales strategy.

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