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Monkey HTTP Server is a lightweight and scalable open-source web server designed for high-performance requirements. It's written in C language, runs on Linux, and supports multiple programming languages such as PHP, Python, and Ruby through CGI or FastCGI interfaces.

Monkey HTTP Server uses an event-driven architecture that allows it to handle thousands of clients simultaneously. It supports dynamic content, SSL/TLS encryption, and virtual hosting. Additionally, it comes with a simple administration interface that enables users to manage server settings, view logs, and monitor server performance.

Overall, Monkey HTTP Server is an excellent choice for developers looking for a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use web server that can efficiently handle high loads of traffic and provide maximum flexibility.

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3 companies are currently using Monkey HTTP Server


Jerasia Capital BHD (MCL)..

12 Employees$46K - $9K$58K malaysia98%Export
AV Toy Store

- Employees$40K - $36K$84K united states ..21%Export

- Employees$17K - $12K$88K france99%Export

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