Microsoft Application Insights
Companies using Microsoft Application Insights

Microsoft Application Insights is a cloud-based service that enables developers to monitor and diagnose the performance and usage of their web applications. It collects telemetry data from various sources, including servers, browsers, and devices, and provides real-time insights into application availability, performance, and usage trends.

With Application Insights, developers can track metrics such as page load times, request rates, and error rates, as well as custom events and dependencies. They can also set up alerts to notify them when performance or usage thresholds are exceeded, enabling them to proactively address issues before they impact end-users.

Application Insights integrates with a variety of tools and platforms, including Visual Studio, Azure DevOps, and third-party monitoring solutions, making it easy for developers to incorporate it into their existing workflows. It also includes sophisticated analytics capabilities, such as machine learning-powered anomaly detection and root cause analysis, which help developers quickly identify and resolve issues.

Overall, Microsoft Application Insights provides developers with a comprehensive set of APM and monitoring features to help them optimize the performance and user experience of their web applications.

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9,179 companies are currently using Microsoft Application Insights


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Using Microsoft Application Insights for finding leads

The collection of companies using Microsoft Application Insights represents a significant resource for sales teams. This list showcases organizations that prioritize their web application's performance and health, and are not averse to investing in top-tier technology solutions such as Microsoft Azure's features. As these firms are already open to using sophisticated application monitoring tools, they could be prime targets for sales pitches focusing on complementary technologies or services.

Access to the list may open pathways to businesses within similar market segments or verticals. It unearths structural or related patterns of technology use, granting a window into companies that likely value data-driven insights for their web applications. In this sense, the list becomes a well-informed data source to optimize lead prospecting activities.

Because Application Insights is a component of Azure Monitor, these companies might also be open to other Azure services. Thus, the list is notably beneficial for sales teams offering Azure-related products, cloud-based solutions, or those serving a similar purpose.

Moreover, information about the companies using Microsoft Application Insights can be a valuable competitive intelligence agent. This knowledge helps in understanding how rivals adapt to market demands and empower their web applications with agile response mechanisms.

Essentially, every company in this list is potentially a high-value lead waiting to be approached with the right proposition. By providing insights and easing lead discovery, this list is an advantageous tool for sales teams.

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