Atatus is a full-stack observability tool designed to help developers identify performance bottlenecks in their applications and optimize them at the right time. With Atatus, developers can monitor their application's health and performance metrics in real-time, allowing them to proactively identify and resolve issues before they affect end-users. The tool provides insights into various aspects of an application, including server-side code, front-end performance, and database queries. Atatus offers several features such as error tracking, transaction tracing, real user monitoring, and custom metrics that make it easier for developers to understand how users interact with their applications. It also integrates with various popular frameworks and libraries, making it easy to get started with for developers. Overall, Atatus helps developers optimize their application's performance and improve the end-user experience by providing real-time insights and actionable data.

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How to use Atatus

Atatus is a powerful observability tool that helps developers identify performance issues in their web applications. Here are the steps to start using Atatus:

  1. Sign up and create an account on the Atatus website.
  2. Install the Atatus Node.js module or include the browser JS script on your website.
  3. Set up the configuration file for your application with your API key, app name, and environment.
  4. Start tracking errors, transactions, and other metrics by calling the relevant API methods in your codebase.

Once you have set up Atatus, you can use its various features to monitor your application's health and performance. Some of these include:

  1. Error tracking: Atatus automatically detects and reports errors in your codebase, helping you diagnose and fix them quickly.
  2. Transaction monitoring: You can track the response time, throughput, and other metrics related to specific transactions in your application, giving you insights into performance bottlenecks.
  3. Real-user monitoring: Atatus lets you track user interactions and page load times, helping you understand how real users experience your application.
  4. Infrastructure monitoring: You can also monitor the health and performance of your server infrastructure and third-party dependencies, such as databases and APIs.

To make full use of Atatus, it is recommended that you integrate it with your existing DevOps tools, such as Slack or Github, enabling you to receive alerts and notifications when critical errors occur. Overall, Atatus is a versatile and robust observability tool that can help you optimise your application's performance and provide a better user experience.

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