Amazon CloudWatch RUM
Companies using Amazon CloudWatch RUM

Amazon CloudWatch RUM (Real User Monitoring) is a monitoring capability that helps web developers and operators track and analyze the performance of their applications from the end user's perspective. It collects data about client-side events such as page load times, network requests, and JavaScript errors, which can be used to identify and troubleshoot issues affecting users.

CloudWatch RUM uses lightweight JavaScript agents placed on web pages to collect this data and send it to CloudWatch for analysis. This data can be visualized in dashboards and alerts can be set up to notify teams of any anomalies or performance degradations.

By gaining insights into real-time user experiences, web teams can optimize application performance and improve end-user satisfaction. Overall, Amazon CloudWatch RUM provides valuable information to help diagnose and fix problems with web applications and improve the digital experience for end-users.

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500 companies are currently using Amazon CloudWatch RUM



drive 1:1 personalization..

52 Employees$16K - $46K$67K united states ..4%Export

fitness studio automation..

60 Employees$20K - $12K$59K united states ..100%Export
Siemens Opcenter Executio..

where manufacturing meets..

39 Employees$28K - $10K$91K united states ..86%Export
eMeter Corporation, a Sie..

energyip is paving the wa..

56 Employees$13K - $22K$87K united states ..51%Export

intelligent embedded anal..

7 Employees$10K - $48K$90K united kingdom..8%Export
Honest Tea

honest seeks to create an..

41 Employees$24K - $11K$57K united states ..39%Export

fremtidens bank for erhve..

88 Employees$24K - $48K$76K denmark90%Export
Ercol Furniture Ltd

purity. integrity. tactil..

61 Employees$28K - $21K$97K united kingdom..68%Export

we're australia’s biggest..

56 Employees$49K - $13K$94K australia95%Export
Matthew Berry's Fantasy L..

a fantasy football and sp..

29 Employees$40K - $24K$90K united states ..30%Export

harvesting wellness.

50 Employees$16K - $46K$70K united states ..50%Export

we create technology to t..

220,431 Employees$35K - $5K$61K germany91%Export

brindamos soluciones inte..

1,336 Employees$48K - $48K$71K colombia40%Export
Senseye - A Siemens busin..

Knowing the future of mai..

9 Employees$43K - $7K$73K united kingdom..47%Export

empresa española líder en..

37 Employees$24K - $4K$66K spain56%Export

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Using Amazon CloudWatch RUM for finding leads

For any company aiming to increase sales, understanding the market landscape is essential. With a comprehensive list of companies that already engage with Amazon CloudWatch RUM, businesses have the upper hand in tracking an important segment of the market. Amazon CloudWatch RUM, being a real-user monitoring platform, is a crucial solution for businesses striving to improve their digital user experiences.

This list illuminates which businesses prioritize high-level user experience, can provide valuable data to both marketing and sales teams. Companies on this list are potential leads, as they have an established interest in technologies improving online performance.

Moreover, the assortment of industries represented on the list provides insight into which sectors are quickly adopting digital user experience-enhancing technology. Identifying these industries assists sales teams in determining the most effective sales strategies. Additionally, having a broader scope of understanding can help in the development of personalized marketing materials.

Simply put, a list such as this cuts down the time and effort in prospecting and researching potential clients by aggregating the data sales teams need. It can be practical for identifying potential clients, understanding market trends, and fine-tuning sales and marketing strategies. The value of this list lies in the significant time and effort it can save sales teams in their prospecting endeavors, providing a direct shortcut to potential clients.

Embracing this list as a resource enables businesses to bypass the introductory research. By making strategic use of this list, organizations can strengthen their lead generation, saving time and increasing efficiency—ultimately supporting a robust bottom line.

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