Companies using LiveZilla

LiveZilla is a web-based platform that provides live support for businesses. It allows companies to communicate with their customers in real-time through chat, email, or phone. LiveZilla offers various features such as visitor monitoring, ticket system, and file transfer. It also provides a customizable interface that enables businesses to adjust the design of the platform based on their preferences. The software supports multiple languages, making it accessible to customers around the world. Companies can utilize LiveZilla to manage their customer support inquiries efficiently, providing prompt responses to their customers' concerns. Furthermore, LiveZilla's comprehensive reporting system enables organizations to analyze their customer support performance and optimize their processes. Overall, LiveZilla is a useful tool for businesses that want to offer excellent customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

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1,678 companies are currently using LiveZilla


FatPipe Networks

software-defined networki..

240 Employees$47K - $15K$94K united states ..83%Export
Pure Human Resources Ltd

award-winning hr, recruit..

10 Employees$25K - $31K$60K united kingdom..99%Export
Liburdi Group of Companie..

innovative gas turbine & ..

45 Employees$9K - $27K$69K canada98%Export

a new way to work in tran..

7 Employees$4K - $27K$72K united kingdom..98%Export
Tax Advice Network

the highest ranked lead g..

15 Employees$30K - $38K$69K united kingdom..18%Export
SoftInWay Inc.

turbomachinery mastered

42 Employees$39K - $34K$63K united states ..4%Export
Collegiate AC

creating environments whe..

93 Employees$13K - $23K$92K united kingdom..50%Export
Aitchison Raffety

trusted partner for profe..

123 Employees$11K - $19K$57K united kingdom..3%Export

counterpart insight, an i..

15 Employees$14K - $13K$88K united kingdom..33%Export
tp24 LED Lighting

uk designed led lighting ..

11 Employees$8K - $41K$79K united kingdom..1%Export
Responsive Technology Par..

complete technology solut..

62 Employees$48K - $50K$76K united states ..72%Export
co-ax valves inc.

promises are good. perfor..

15 Employees$22K - $44K$54K united states ..100%Export
TF Warren Group

your single source soluti..

89 Employees$1K - $17K$88K united states ..71%Export

let melu manage live chat..

20 Employees$21K - $2K$68K united kingdom..54%Export
Festo Consulting & Academ..

we are training. we are c..

88 Employees$11K - $39K$56K italy45%Export

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Using LiveZilla for finding leads

The comprehensive list of companies leveraging LiveZilla as a web-based live support platform provides invaluable insights and opportunities for sales teams. This list furnishes a targeted selection of businesses that have recognized the value of live chat software in communicating with customers and enhancing their service delivery. As a result, this list offers immense value by identifying potential prospects in a marketplace that appreciates robust, responsive customer service solutions.

For the sales teams navigating in the realm of customer service and communication technologies, the ability to identify who uses LiveZilla allows them to refine their prospecting approach. These companies are likely to understand and value real-time support solutions, improving the chance of a successful business-to-business (B2B) sales interaction.

Sales teams can also observe market trends and competitor behavior using this resource. They can evaluate the industry sectors that frequently use LiveZilla, helping them craft sales pitches and strategies that resonate with these industries. Such sector-specific insights increase the chances of selling their services or products more effectively.

Furthermore, the list of LiveZilla users could aid sales teams in formulating tailored sales approaches. They can understand the potential challenges these businesses may face, propose unique solutions based on the capabilities of their own product, and demonstrate how it could complement or enhance the live support experience provided by LiveZilla.

In summary, the list of companies utilizing LiveZilla is a rich resource. It empowers sales teams with insights into who values live support platforms, the sectors they represent, and potentially, the challenges they face. This knowledge facilitates targeted prospecting, tailored solutions, and an overall more effective sales strategy.

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