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JBoss Web is an open-source Java-based web server developed by the JBoss community. It is a servlet container that implements the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) specifications, providing a platform for running Java web applications. JBoss Web is built on top of Apache Tomcat and extends its functionality with additional features such as clustering, load balancing, and security. It also includes support for Java Management Extensions (JMX), which allows for monitoring and management of the web server. JBoss Web can be integrated with other JBoss products such as JBoss AS (Application Server) or JBoss EAP (Enterprise Application Platform) to provide a complete enterprise-level solution for developing and deploying Java web applications. Overall, JBoss Web provides a reliable and scalable platform for hosting Java web applications.

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159 companies are currently using JBoss Web


CENTURY 21 Island Homes

exceptional agents who fo..

36 Employees$46K - $22K$61K united states ..24%Export

37,756 Employees$19K - $22K$53K united states ..5%Export
Century 21 Sunbelt Realty..

superior service! extraor..

196 Employees$28K - $20K$73K united states ..45%Export

digitale tool om succesvo..

5 Employees$14K - $32K$86K belgium78%Export
Tecno Impianti

wire drawing machines

117 Employees$28K - $14K$67K italy93%Export
Century 21 SGR

75 Employees$30K - $8K$82K united states ..93%Export
MMB Software

in a world of machines, p..

66 Employees$47K - $3K$89K italy32%Export
Century 21 Realty Group, ..

9 Employees$6K - $22K$67K united states ..91%Export
C21 Commercial

local knowledge. global r..

4 Employees$40K - $3K$51K united states ..36%Export
Club Urban Diversion Adve..

san francisco & the bay's..

14 Employees$19K - $45K$94K united states ..7%Export
Century 21 Town & Country..

we're here for you

13 Employees$49K - $13K$60K united states ..78%Export
Thabo Mbeki African Schoo..

training leaders who solv..

15 Employees$10K - $21K$82K south africa31%Export

97 Employees$29K - $39K$56K spain82%Export

entidade fechada de assis..

296 Employees$10K - $29K$90K brazil90%Export
Century21 Franchise Sales..

are you a go-getter that ..

1 Employees$2K - $33K$65K united states ..16%Export

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Using JBoss Web for finding leads

The list of businesses utilizing JBoss Web has immense value for sales teams who are looking to generate high-quality leads. These businesses are operating in diverse sectors yet share a common use of the JBoss Web technology. Analyzing and targeting businesses from this list can provide an effective source of potential leads and business opportunities.

Being a robust and flexible web server, JBoss Web is frequently chosen by businesses that prioritize scalable, reliable, and efficient web technologies. Recognizing this, sales teams can infer the likely needs and values of the companies on the list, understanding that they prioritize cutting-edge technology and reliability.

A particular value this list brings is the granularity of insight into the technology market. By having access to details about which companies use JBoss Web, sales professionals can better understand adoption trends, market penetration, and even potential opportunities for upselling and cross-selling related products or services. It may also serve as a significant indicator of the company's overall tech stack and infrastructure decisions.

Moreover, the list can become a strategic starting point for outbound campaigns, providing tailored and well-informed pitches. Sales representatives can approach these companies with relevant and targeted offerings, improving their chances of engagement and conversion.

Additionally, companies using JBoss Web may have similarities in their business processes, challenges, and needs. Therefore, successful case studies or solutions for one such organization might resonate with others, providing valuable talking points to sway potential leads favorably.

To conclude, identifying and understanding companies that use JBoss Web can create pathways into new accounts, uncover potential sales opportunities, and ultimately, fuel business growth.

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