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The JavaScript Infovis Toolkit (JIT) is an open-source library for data visualization in web applications. It provides a range of tools and visualizations that enable developers to create interactive and engaging visualizations of complex data sets.

JIT is built on top of the popular JavaScript framework, jQuery, and uses the Canvas element to render graphics in web browsers. It offers a wide range of data visualization techniques, including charts, graphs, trees, maps, and network visualizations.

One of the strengths of JIT is its flexibility and customizability. Developers can easily add their own code to customize the behavior and appearance of the visualizations to meet their specific needs. Additionally, JIT includes a number of advanced features, such as dynamic filtering, zooming, and panning, which enhance the user experience and make it easier to explore large and complex data sets.

Overall, JIT is a powerful tool for creating data visualizations in web applications. Its flexibility and extensive range of visualizations make it a popular choice for developers who want to create compelling and interactive data-driven experiences for their users.

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121 companies are currently using JavaScript Infovis Toolkit



get it done right, now

108 Employees$29K - $8K$97K united states ..60%Export
Società editrice il Mulin..

dal 1954 per contribuire ..

77 Employees$31K - $38K$86K italy3%Export

electric reliability and ..

225 Employees$2K - $15K$63K united states ..25%Export
logo GmbH

die regionale und berufsg..

2 Employees$30K - $22K$81K germany51%Export
BKP Group

73 Employees$2K - $24K$71K united arab em..44%Export
Naturpark Thal

stille natur - lebendiges..

7 Employees$24K - $9K$88K switzerland41%Export
Gerster Equipment Company..

11 Employees$20K - $35K$74K united states ..64%Export

1 Employees$18K - $49K$79K russian federa..43%Export

it's harder now to get he..

3 Employees$29K - $23K$61K czechia9%Export
Alterszentrum Hochweid

alters- & pflegeheim, pfl..

17 Employees$9K - $39K$71K switzerland81%Export

2 Employees$41K - $9K$58K russian federa..95%Export
I.A.T.S.E. Local 488, Stu..

The Union Behind Entertai..

24 Employees$31K - $3K$70K united states ..90%Export
Innovation Network

a worldwide network of ex..

6 Employees$8K - $12K$55K united kingdom..21%Export

The Future of Acupuncture..

6 Employees$21K - $1K$87K united states ..83%Export

buy safely and without re..

21 Employees$4K - $46K$78K belgium7%Export

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