Companies using InforUMobile

InforUMobile is a comprehensive multi-channel system devised by the Shamir Systems Group to enhance digital communication and engagement between businesses and their clients or customers. This system is designed to offer a wide range of channels to interact and captivate users, leveraging the expansive opportunities provided by an interconnected, digital world.

The essence of InforUMobile is to serve as a bridge between businesses and clients, imparting pertinent information quickly, effectively and in a user-friendly manner. It utilizes digital channels to facilitate these interactions, making business processes more customer-centric.

While providing an array of channels to businesses, InforUMobile also allows both parties to initiate and engage in dialogues to boost interaction. The dynamic function of the system aids businesses in promoting their services, responding swiftly to customer feedback or inquiries, and helps in improving customer service and experience through developing relationships with their user base. The multi-channel system offers various possible modes of interaction, including emails, text messages, mobile push notifications, internet messages on websites, and more.

Moreover, the platform provides businesses with advanced analytical tools to measure user engagement and determine the efficacy of their communication strategies. By collecting data on user interactions, businesses can generate insights that prepare the ground for optimizing future communications and creating more personalized and targeted messaging strategies.

Thus, as a digital communication enabler, InforUMobile fosters a directly conversational environment where businesses can address and engage their customers more interactively, in the digital channel of their choice, and in real time when necessary.

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Using InforUMobile for finding leads

The list of companies using InforUMobile offers an excellent opportunity for sales teams to identify potential leads. The presence of these companies on this listing indicates their active investment in multi-channel digital communication, illustrating their commitment to enhancing interactions and engagement with their users.

Given this commitment, these companies are likely open to exploring other solutions which can enhance their digital communication channels and user engagement strategies further. This provides a potential entry point for sales teams offering complementary or superior solutions.

Furthermore, a company's presence on this list suggests a level of financial robustness. Investing in a multi-channel system such as InforUMobile is a significant commitment, suggesting these companies have a budget for such digital communication solutions.

By targeting the companies from this list, sales teams can focus their resources on potential leads that not only have established budgets for similar services but also an established need and appreciation for such solutions. This makes pitching related services or products more efficient, saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent sifting through unqualified leads.

In addition, understanding the current solutions a potential lead uses delivers valuable insight that can be used to customize a sales pitch. With knowledge of their use of InforUMobile, sales teams can tailor messages highlighting how their offerings dovetail with or improve upon the InforUMobile system.

To summarize, the list of companies using InforUMobile is a valuable tool for sales teams. It helps streamline the lead prospecting process, allows for more personalized and impactful pitches, and increases chances for successful conversions, all of which contribute to a sales team's effectiveness and efficiency.

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