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Helixo UFE is an app that helps Shopify merchants to increase their sales by creating upsell funnels. It is a lightweight app designed for this specific purpose, allowing merchants to create and manage sales funnels easily. With Helixo UFE, merchants can offer complementary products or services to customers during the checkout process, thereby increasing the average order value. The app provides a user-friendly interface for creating funnel pages, and it supports multiple languages and currencies to cater to a global audience. Additionally, Helixo UFE offers analytics and reporting features to help merchants track the performance of their funnels and optimize them for better results. Overall, Helixo UFE is a useful tool for Shopify merchants looking to improve their conversion rates and increase revenue through upselling.

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966 companies are currently using Helixo UFE



make work flow

27 Employees$17K - $21K$70K united kingdom..39%Export
Nannocare Inc

minimize discomfort, maxi..

5 Employees$15K - $35K$61K united states ..30%Export
Consenz International

democratizing road safety..

7 Employees$11K - $32K$96K sweden30%Export
AriZona Beverage Co.

walk into any service sta..

526 Employees$4K - $32K$69K united states ..69%Export

we solve shitty women’s p..

10 Employees$44K - $37K$82K australia12%Export
Urban Tribe

make way

43 Employees$32K - $31K$98K india74%Export
Dr. Bronner's

celebrating our 75th anni..

223 Employees$29K - $17K$71K united states ..73%Export

preloved e•devices

42 Employees$40K - $10K$71K italy10%Export
Rome Snowboard Design Syn..

all ways down since 2001...

33 Employees$38K - $10K$71K united states ..25%Export
Grow Fit (Healthzone Orga..

If you've made a commitme..

28 Employees$37K - $42K$72K india30%Export
Fièra Cosmetics

fièra empowers women over..

13 Employees$39K - $41K$78K canada81%Export
Lotus Sustainables

an eco-friendly b corp pr..

18 Employees$10K - $38K$83K united states ..21%Export
Kind Bag

stylish and recycled fash..

9 Employees$16K - $23K$70K united kingdom..5%Export
Straight Hemp

straight hemp cbd product..

3 Employees$41K - $30K$75K united states ..53%Export

at the intersection of de..

6 Employees$44K - $14K$86K united states ..

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Using Helixo UFE for finding leads

The compiled list of companies that utilize Helixo UFE offers a remarkable source of opportunities for sales teams on the hunt for leads. The highlighted entities in this resource constitute an array of businesses that have adopted Helixo UFE, indicating their value for digital tools, sales conversion optimization, and eCommerce enhancements – essential factors for the modern online store.

Unveiling their preference for such technologies, these businesses essentially expose their functional needs and prospective areas of interest. Therefore, it could be deemed that they are probable to entertain sales pitches that promise efficiency, affordability, or innovation, especially relative to their eCommerce platforms and operations.

Identifying these companies provides a tactical advantage, as sales teams can employ targeted lead prospecting strategies. For instance, offering complementary or superior technologies or services that align with a targets' prevalent technology stack would likely capture their interest.

Moreover, knowing that these businesses are users of Helixo UFE, a lightweight Shopify upsell sales funnel app, provides insight into their current operational status and potential pain points. Companies can suggest alternative or additional solutions that seamlessly integrate with Helixo UFE, addressing potential challenges in upselling and customer funneling, ultimately contributing to improved sales performance.

The information on the list is regularly updated to ensure its relevance and value, providing an ever-evolving resource for leads. A consistent source of fresh prospects, this list aids sales teams in diversifying their targets, enhancing the efficiency of their lead prospecting processes, and increasing their opportunities for successful conversions.

In conclusion, this list of Helixo UFE adopters is an instrumental tool for sales teams. It allows for more tailored and effective lead generation and prospecting efforts, fostering productive conversations with potential customers who have already shown an affinity for adopting technologies to boost their eCommerce activities.


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